It may only be tiny violins that most people would play for overworked junior investment bankers on Wall Street. But their concerns do raise some interesting questions for investors about the profit surge in the industry. In recent weeks, there have been several reports of complaints by people who do […]

The Roblox game world that has won over children around the world and became a pandemic hit scored big on Wall Street Wednesday, as newly listed shares surged. The company’s shares listed under the symbol RBLX on the New York Stock Exchange closed the trading day up 54 percent to […]

On a warm and sunny March evening, little ones gleefully chased each other at Tarkington Park while just weeks into their 2019 spring season, the Indy Steelers youth football league ran drills. Ball security. Blocking and tackling. Stance and movement. High knees. And the dreaded field sprints. Over and over again they sprinted until about 6 […]

Amid the violent economic disruptions of COVID-19, a flurry of high-priced (and possibly overvalued) year-end IPOs, and other 2020 events, a few stocks have “slipped through the cracks” when it comes to Wall Street and general investor attention. While these neglected stocks may seem to be gathering dust and cobwebs […]

Wall Street can seem like a citadel, so it is with unreserved glee that many have kept tabs on the GameStop saga this week. For once, the underdogs were getting flush—and even better, seemingly screwing over hedge funds in the process. On WallStreetBets, the Reddit forum where it all began, […]

Wrapping up the first month of 2021, a few things are coming clearer, some facts and trends that will define the coming year. The clarity on the political front appeared to buoy sentiment, as the Democrats gained a slim majority in Congress following the Georgia runoff elections. The Biden Administration […]

© Provided by City AM There is more gloom on the horizon for the beleaguered UK high street in the first half of this year as lockdown restrictions weaken consumer confidence, according to the latest research. The KPMG Ipsos Retail Think Tank forecast that retail health will fall by two […]

Airbnb rings the opening bell for its IPO on Thursday. Angela Lang/CNET It’s been a long time coming. Speculation over Airbnb’s initial public offering has been in the works for at least half a decade. On Thursday, the short-term home rental company made its debut on Wall Street with its […]

TipRanks 3 “Strong Buy” Stocks That Could Reach New Highs The markets have been on a tear of late despite the headwinds presented by the novel coronavirus pandemic. The question is how long this will last?Writing from Goldman Sachs, the firm’s chief US equity strategist David Kostin says that the […]

Now, following a remarkable comeback, the home-sharing company is set to make its long-awaited Wall Street debut just as the pandemic worsens and once again throws the state of the travel industry into question. Airbnb is poised to begin trading on the Nasdaq on Thursday under the stock ticker “ABNB.” […]

Airbnb will ring the opening bell for its IPO on Thursday. Angela Lang/CNET It’s been a long time coming. Speculation over Airbnb’s initial public offering has been in the works for at least half a decade. Now the short-term home rental company plans to make its debut on Wall Street […]

Delegate responsibilities. Whether working with siblings or other kids remotely, the teamwork required in establishing duties and meting out responsibilities cannot be underestimated. This phase is guaranteed to raise tempers; there may be tears. You may want to skip this phase altogether, but that’s a bad idea, unless you plan […]

CLOSE Tucked away underground, across the street from the Hyatt Hotel, Kathy Young’s jewelry studio doesn’t attract throngs of casual window shoppers on Main Street. During normal times, she gets a slow, small, steady stream of people who stop in throughout the day.  “Now, I can literally go two days and not have […]