New York – A study of the public’s attitude toward the press reveals that distrust goes deeper than partisanship and down to how journalists define their very mission. In short: Americans want more than a watchdog. The study, released Wednesday by the Media Insight Project, a collaboration between the American […]

Little Angel Theatre have today released the first episode of new online series People Behind the Puppets as part of the theatre’s 60th anniversary celebrations. Featuring an interview with puppet designer Maia Kirkman-Richards, the first episode is available now. A new interview will be released each week with Oliver Hymans, […]

Dakin Humane Society is encouraging people who are interested in providing foster care for small animals and dogs to step up and enjoy an unforgettable experience. We’re seeking foster parents for those specific types of animals in need at this time. First-time caregivers can take small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, […]

“Adventure travel is a lot like a boys club,” says Evita Robinson, founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe, an online community for travelers of color. “Actually, it’s a lot like a white boys club.” Take a peek at the marketing materials for most major outdoor sporting brands or travel brochures, and the […]

One in four U.S. adults has a disability, making it the largest minority group in the country. In spite of how common disabilities are, disabled people still deal with ignorance, stigma, exclusion and lack of accessibility on a regular basis. It’s not just systemic obstacles and callous or thoughtless behavior […]

As many Bay Area residents look forward to easing Covid restrictions, San Jose’s Playful People Productions announces its summer slate of classes, workshops, and activities for all ages, including both online and safety-conscious in-person offerings for small groups. The summer session begins June 21 and continues through August 6. To […]

“ ‘Oh my God, am I going to make it to 60?’ ” Smith, 59, recalled asking herself as she lay in bed, gasping for air. She also feared she had infected her husband, who had just been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. From its beginning, the coronavirus has been a […]

Dr. Ee Tay helped her neighbors get vaccinated in January, and now she helps people all over NYC.  With the help of the medical community and Facebook group members, she’s scheduled 300 appointments. Her team offers help to the elderly, undocumented immigrants, and those with language barriers.  See more stories […]

NEW DELHI (AP) — India is expanding its COVID-19 vaccination drive beyond health care and front-line workers, offering the shots to older people and those with medical conditions that put them at risk. Among the first to be inoculated on Monday was Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Those now eligible to […]

IWCriticsPick “Persona 5 Strikers” is an epic, addictive, 30-hour JRPG about why people are such enormous assholes on the internet. To anyone familiar with Atlus’ long-running “Persona” series, that premise won’t come as much of a surprise. In a genre associated with vast fantasy worlds and the motley crews of […]

(CNN) — While most European Union nations have kept their borders sealed against non-European visitors during the pandemic, Croatia has been welcoming arrivals from the United States and many other countries. Summer saw it allow almost anyone to vacation on its beautiful Adriatic coastline and enjoy its stunning islands and […]

State must rethink vax plan I have read with great interest the opinion piece in The Jersey Journal (“Vaccine rollout a massive failure for seniors”; Jan. 29) and agree with everything written in the article. It was spot on, as were the letters by senior citizens relating the problems in securing […]