The stately home at 503 West Elk St. in Siler City is beautiful enough to sell on its own merits, without even knowing it’s the most famous house in town. The 5,000-square-foot, three-story brick home with stone accents is best known as the former home of Frances Bavier, who herself […]

On March 31, 2015, PlayStation Home, the short lived social space for PlayStation 3, closed its doors for the very last time. For many PS3 owners, this went completely unnoticed. But, despite being largely a critical failure, PlayStation Home had quietly amassed a very loyal and free-spending community, turning the […]

The whipping that houses and landscapes took from ice and wind last fall and the pummeling from snow and the deep freeze last month gave homeowners plenty of reason to go to the OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show this weekend. For many, a chance to get out of the […]

To the surprise of the average workaholic American, the French government legally forbade employees from eating lunch at their desks for years. But just recently, in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, France’s Labor Ministry changed its labor code to allow folks to consume their midday meals at […]

Few people are as knee-deep in our work-related anxieties and sticky office politics as Alison Green, who has been fielding workplace questions for a decade now on her website Ask a Manager. In Direct Report, she spotlights themes from her inbox that help explain the modern workplace and how we could […]

My great-grandfather, who died in 2007, stayed in the same little Idaho farm town for all 96 years of his life. Even as his siblings left the farm and traveled the world, “Grandpa Dad,” as we called him, turned down opportunities for adventure and bigger paychecks. But he had something […]

You could save big with a mortgage refinance. (iStock) The last year has been challenging for American finances. Millions of Americans were laid off or let go from their jobs, and others were forced to work reduced hours as the coronavirus pandemic shut down communities and businesses. Harvard economists predict […]

For Jennifer Schaerer and her family, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a move to southern Utah and an embrace of small-town life. Other Utahns, responding to a call from The Salt Lake Tribune over email and social media, also shared what’s changed in their lives after a year under the […]

Illusion Theater is moving to the Center for Performing Arts. The Playwrights’ Center will relocate to a former office/warehouse building in St. Paul’s Creative Enterprise Zone. And, announced yesterday, Red Eye Theater will have a new home in Seward. Yes, we’re still in a pandemic, and no, we don’t know […]

Vendors prepare for the Wichita Home Show at Century II Convention Center. The show runs February 25-28. (February 24, 2021) Jaime Green The Wichita Eagle Area consumers are turning master bathrooms into places to rest and relax, installing new products with lower maintenance demands and creating outdoor spaces to enjoy, […]

The Home Office has been accused of “grossly” misstating coronavirus rules after it said “all gatherings are currently against the law”. The Twitter post accompanied a video which said “meeting up is against the law” as it showed footage of police raiding house parties as it warned people not to […]

The best time to deal with a disaster is long before it strikes, insurance companies have found. To that end, more carriers are proactively taking on repairs and drafting action plans for their wealthy clients. High-end insurers like Chubb, Pure, AIG Private Client Group and Cincinnati Insurance increasingly use risk-management […]

Unsure whether to dip into your savings or swipe your credit card to cover your next major purchase? Email reporter Megan DeMatteo at [email protected] to share your upcoming purchase and question to be part of CNBC Select’s new “Cash, credit or loan?” series. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, renovations have […]

The COVID-19 social distancing and stay-at-home order has changed daily lives and routines for everyone. Without the gym environment or equipment to use, it can be challenging to work out regularly and stay motivated. Students now have the opportunity to partake in online activities to compensate for the loss of […]

If you’ve been on social media any time in the past year, you’ve probably seen a few homemade stick and poke tattoos. Whether it’s to regain a sense of control in the limbo that is COVID quarantine, an act of apocalyptic impulse in the face of uncertainty, or simply a […]