Navigating the world of campsite reservations in California. (Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images) Kristen Tate camps a lot. The freelance book editor from San Francisco takes car camping trips for two weeks every summer, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and often on weekends. She knows it’s […]

Change can be scary, but it can also be good — particularly if you plan ahead. As vaccines find their way into more arms and the number of COVID-19 cases decreases in some areas of the country, it’s natural to wonder what the world will look like once the coronavirus […]

The banana bread has been baked, the puzzles pieced, the toilet paper rolls (remember when we worried that we would run out of toilet paper?) upcycled for dozens of craft projects, the shows watched. All the shows. Those of us with young children have been in some form of lockdown […]

Parents always have that one baby outfit they just can’t get enough of. But as much as you love that adorable onesie, your baby is going to grow out of it before you know it. So what are you supposed to do? Donating baby clothes is always a good option, […]

<p>”Per tree, you’re getting way more value for an urban tree than a tree out in the wild,” says Mark McPherson, founder and director of a Seattle nonprofit called City Forest Credits. In an increasingly urbanizing world, cities are, after all, “right where people live and breathe and recreate.”</p><p>Trees—and urban […]

Get rich as a renter: 5 ways to build wealth without buying a house People are drawn to buying a home for all kinds of reasons: more space, a backyard for the dog, the investment opportunities or simply because they want to. And it may be great for them, but […]

Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) is the social platform for inspiration. It lets users collect and interact with visual media, helping them discover ideas, plan projects, or learn new things. For instance, you could use Pinterest to find the latest beauty or home décor trends, plan a vacation or party, build a home […]

This story was produced in partnership with Google. For more tools and resources to help you navigate technology with your family, explore of American parents Have the tech talk. Access to the internet is a powerful tool, and it’s important to talk with your kids about how to use […]

Victoria Mitchell, Exploration Place Education Manager, leads a star formation demo during a Camp in a Box session, last year. Sessions during 2021 spring break include sci-fi frontiers and spy training. Courtesy photo Area attractions are ramping up for spring break with a variety of options that will appeal to […]

Ever walk into a room and forget why you went in there? Or stare at a colleague’s face for 20 seconds before you remember his name? Or try to remember the name of that movie, the one you loved, starring that guy—it’s on the tip of your tongue! (It’s Jeff […]

This article represents the opinion of the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board. Florida’s annual two-month legislative session opens Tuesday. Legislators must eventually pass a budget, but along the way they can consider a legion of potential new laws and tweaks to existing ones. Some have merit, others don’t. Here are […]

Modern consumers are no longer tethered to the idea of living near work. The usage of space balances … [+] between the aesthetic and the pragmatic. Beazer Homes With everyone spending more time at home than ever before, the role of “home” is dramatically increasing in importance both in terms […]

The Prime Minister’s number-one priority is to get schools fully open again on March 8. While that may sound tricky in itself, a far more difficult target is to make sure that all children catch up on the education they have lost in the past year.  Last year, more than […]

Introduction A break from exotic foods, sleeping late, and the daily grind are just a few benefits that await you on your next vacation. However, you probably don’t have the same enthusiasm when you think about the financial implications once you come back and realize how steep you’ve gone into […]

The pandemic has forced many companies to change how they do business. Marketing professor Timothy Calkins says companies should develop COVID-friendly customer experience strategy. Companies should embrace the online experience and adapt offerings to meet their customer’s needs. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The first days […]

Alina Linnik / EyeEmGetty Images It’s time to take that mindfulness practice you’ve been honing (right? right!) between the sheets… Think of mindful sex like “flipping a switch on all five of your senses” as you work to expand all the jaw-dropping ways you can explore your partner, says Michelle […]

(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times) Times art directors Martina Ibáñez-Baldor and Micah Fluellen contributed to this story. Time in a pandemic moves like college: slow and stressful in the moment, but gone in a flash. If you looked up (like us) and Valentine’s Day was closing in fast, no […]

Refinery 29 UK Money Diary: A 26-Year-Old Researcher In Hong Kong On 30k Welcome to Money Diaries, where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we’re […]