NASCAR president Steve Phelps shed some light on the logistics of the 2021 racing schedule, saying that new tracks and new weekend formats are in the mix. Phelps held court Tuesday afternoon in a virtual roundtable with core beat reporters, ahead of the NASCAR Cup Series’ 10-race playoffs. The postseason […]

Keeping tabs on your finances can be much easier said than done. With thousands of personal finance blogs, books and experts out there with sometimes conflicting advice, it can be hard to make sense of what you really should do. We’re bringing it back to the very basics. If you […]

By John Geddie and Aradhana Aravindan SINGAPORE (Reuters) – It’s not only the weather that might come as a shock when the World Economic Forum moves from Davos, the Swiss ski resort after which it takes its informal name, to the tropical Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore in May. Against […]

BOISE, Idaho — Six months after a major earthquake rattled Idaho, the rumbling has continued with a recent quake shaking near Stanley. Since March 31, the earthquakes have intrigued scientists and, in some cases, reshaped the landscape of the Sawtooth mountains near their epicenter. The initial magnitude-6.5 quake and its […]

People have gained weight during the pandemic. The Yale School of Medicine points to increased stress, comfort eating, upended routines and, during the first months of stay-at-home orders, gyms and parks were closed, forcing some to find a different form of exercise. Or they just stopped walking, jogging and working […]