Debra Roberts is an author, licensed clinical social worker, and business consultant based in New York. She explains there are several easy ways to get people to like you over Zoom and virtual meetings. Roberts says to be yourself, show your authentic personality, and be an active and engaged listener. […]

The Daily Beast ‘The Bachelor’ Is Mired in (Another) Racism Scandal John Fleenor/ABC/GettyOnce again, The Bachelor is trying to feel its way through a racism controversy—and this time, it’s not just a vexing contestant who’s landed in hot water, but host Chris Harrison as well.On Wednesday, the Bachelor guru apologized […]

The Week McConnell threatens to block Senate’s power-sharing agreement if it doesn’t preserve the filibuster The evenly split Senate is having a hard time agreeing who’s in charge.Georgia’s two new Democratic senators were sworn in Wednesday, giving Republicans and Democrats 50 senators each, with Vice President Kamala Harris as a […]

Couples can get stuck in a rut at any point, but during the coronavirus pandemic, cases of the relationship blahs have become especially prevalent. When you’re in a rut, things feel stagnant between you and your partner. The spark in the relationship is more like a faint flicker. You just […]

It’s not a set of rules—it’s a state of mind. It’s a frustrating time to try and foster connections of any kind, but dating is  especially complicated. Particularly in places where it’s getting colder outside, the best spaces for getting to know someone new are digital ones. Many people in […]

Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench in As Time Goes By; the pair became firm friends outside the set too – Alamy In Tomorrow Never Dies, Pierce Brosnan’s second Bond adventure, Geoffrey Palmer cameoed as Admiral Roebuck. But Palmer wasn’t there to run the bally show, as stuffy commanders had by […]

Florence Pugh Says All the Criticism on Her Relationship With Zach Braff Is Belittling to “I’m 24 and I can’t choose who I love.” Florence Pugh and Zach Braff took their time making their relationship official, but fans and internet sleuths alike were in on the love story before the […]

Kissing and cuddling look a bit different this summer. As coronavirus cases continue to spike throughout the nation, social distancing rules remain heavily enforced. While many of us have been quarantining with our loved ones, other couples aren’t as fortunate and have been temporarily separated by stay-at-home orders meant to minimize contact with […]