cape town – Getty No more countries are to be added to the travel corridor list until the new year, although there may be some “emergency removals”. While announcing changes to the roster of quarantine-free destinations in his weekly update on Thursday evening, the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, confirmed via […]

JetBlue Airways Corp. is considering switching advertising agencies after more than a decade as part of an effort to revive its marketing and cut costs, the company said. “Our agency RFI will help us evaluate which resources can most efficiently address changing customer preferences and the new travel landscape as […]

Some people might find these uncomfortable places to stay – but what do we do about it? Dawn is the most beautiful moment in the Caribbean day – it is still, quiet and cool. And with the time difference, for your first few mornings in the islands you wake early. […]

iceland – Getty Britons can now travel to just nine countries without restriction following the Government’s latest quarantine-list update, which has prompted renewed calls for airport testing. “As the red list gets longer, it makes quarantine redundant because destinations abroad often have more infections than we do,” said Paul Charles, chief executive […]

A pilgrim crawls from the port to the Holy Church of Panagia of Tinos, on the Aegean island of Tinos, Greece – AP The popular Greek island of Mykonos is pushing back against new lockdown restrictions that see bars and restaurants forced to close at midnight. “Everyone has come [to […]