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If you could cut down on your power bill by 50 percent with a little innovation in your backyard, would you take the plunge? The backyard revolution is your personalized renewable power plant in your yard that will ensure you never pay for more than you consume.

The backyard revolution is your guide to building a solar energy plant in your home without breaking the bank. After reading through this backyard revolution review, you will have a reason to rethink your current source of power supply.

What is the Backyard Revolution all about?

Would you believe that you could build a sustainable power supply in your home in less than 5 hours?

Sounds surprising, but that is what the backyard revolution allows you to do.

For decades, people have to sort alternative ways to sustainable, affordable means of power. Not just to power their home but to reduce the outlandish cost presented by energy corporations across the globe.

The backyard revolution is a solar-enable energy source but one that will save you thousands of dollars on equipment, panels, and installation. Most solar panels are large rectangular pieces that are difficult to set up without the help of a professional.

Secondly, they require you have ample space in and around your home, including the rooftop to capture the rays and heat from the sun. In fact, with the regular solar panel, you need plenty of accessories that will cause a $10k to 20k deficit in your account.

The backyard revolution is a solar panel energy source too, but with a difference. This method uses a zig-zag arrangement of the solar panels in a vertical position that captures more sunlight, requires less space, and cost-effective.

This guide is not for the engineers among you or the expert DIYs. It is easy to understand guide on how you too can have a power source that will cut down power wastage and save you money for future projects.

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Who’s Zack Bennett?

Zack Bennett is a father, student, husband, and man that decided to move past his total dependence on the big power corporation whose home was broken into after a failed vacation.

Zack Bennett is the creator of the backyard revolution device that aims to give ordinary individuals the power to harness cheap and sustainable energy from the sun without breaking the bank.

The sun’s energy is wasting away because we have not found the right way for smaller households to harness it. His device reviews solar panels that are heavy, burdensome, occupy too much space, expensive to install and maintain into a simple Do-it-yourself unit.

Zack Bennett was able to supplement the power usage in his home and cut down power costs by 60%. His skill as a carpenter and a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology played a part in the development of this device.

Zack is well aware that people who will use the backyard revolution are ordinary people like you and me. It has been made simple to enable anyone to build their own solar energy unit at home.

If you have never lifted your hands to build before, you will find this guide complicated and annoying. It is a reliable device that has seen many people saving big on electricity bills while ensuring that their homes are powered even in the face of a storm.

How does the backyard revolution Work?

The backyard revolution uses solar panels and doubles up as a backup power supply station to your home.

So many people have asked if they can use this device to power an entire house. While the unit can produce enough power for basic household appliances, it is meant to supplement the power source of your home and cut electricity costs over time.

This online guide is very straightforward to follow. Creator Zack Bennett took his time to explain each component of this device, including all the pieces you need to bring it all together.

The guide includes a list of all the items needed, measurements, images, and how to assembly each part. It goes further to explain the role of the pieces in 11 steps that should be followed in that order.

Also included in the guide is a detailed instruction on how to connect the assembled unit to power your home.

Once you have purchased the guide, you will need to buy the material listed out in the video. Unlike the regular rectangular solar panel, this uses a zig-zag solar panel arrangement to capture more sunlight but takes up less space in your home.

The panels are lined up in this pattern because Bennett realizes it captured more sunlight and wasted less, unlike the traditional panel. This also meant your home stayed powered for a long time without any complications.

The cost of materials was around $300 if you have none of the items at home and less if you do. You do not need any expert advice or opinion if you follow the manual as everything is clearly explained.

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What Will You Get From This Program?

You will get everything from this program. It will save you from wasting energy and save you hundreds of dollar bill on electricity.

The guide contains measurements, a list of items needed, videos, tutorials, a comprehensive manual, and three bonuses to build your own solar power unit.

To access the instructions on the manual, you need a stable and functioning internet connection as the program runs online after payment. You could also download it but ensure you have enough storage space to accommodate the files.

The bonuses are further instructions on how to store excess solar energy to avoid wasting it and other alternative energy sources to save you from any sudden blackout. You also have access to check the video repeatedly after purchase and how to start even if you have never done any DIY previously.

Backyard Revolution Bonus

The backyard revolution solar system comes with three bonuses for the user:

The protection protocol – this is Zack Bennett’s report for protecting your home and appliance from any power disaster or blackout in the future.

Stockpiling secrets – is a way for you to save excess solar energy harvested instead of allowing it to go to waste. It also includes the right batteries to use and where to buy them at a cheap rate to store excess energy.

Homestead Alternative source – is a comprehensive insight into other sources of renewable energy in case you are not a fan of solar panels and their complications.


For people looking for a cheaper and sustainable means of power, this will appeal to them. So what are the advantages of having the backyard revolution in your home?

You never worry about a blackout or how long it will linger – this is the number one reason why you need a backyard revolution device in your home today.

A lot of negative things happen under the cover of darkness and not having power renders you powerless and unsafe. The backyard revolution is designed to function is despite the weather condition. If you want to keep your family safe and not bother about the grid, get yours now.

Occupies less ground space – the backyard revolution claims to use only 5 percent space due to the vertical arrangement of the panels, which is wonderful. This is great for people who are interested but do not have space in their homes. Furthermore, the construction is quiet and will not be disturbing your neighbor.

Zero maintenance – just take the panels out in the sun for a couple of hours daily or install them in a spot where the sun will always get to them. While there is no maintenance required wiping a dusty surface will increase sunlight absorption on a dirty panel.

Other pros are

  • Saves money

  • It is mobile

  • It is a cheaper but effective option for large solar panels

  • Get one year of email support from Zack Bennett

  • Guarantee full money back if it did not meet your expectation after 2 months

  • The cost of material is affordable


Zack Bennett’s story is an emotional one that will touch every homeowner, especially parents. Although the device is changing the lives of people across the state, it is not without its drawbacks.

  • It is complicated – if you have never build anything in your life before, this will look confusing, complicated, and a waste of time.

  • The unit takes more than a couple of hours to assemble for a novice.

  • It will work in any condition, but it requires ample sunlight to produce power.

  • You need a battery and inverter

  • You will need a license and approval depending on your location

  • Insurance is required

Despite these cons, there have been fewer reports of people who have purchased the guide, assembled the unit that did not work. So it is fair to say the Backyard Revolution has more advantages than disadvantages to its users.

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How much does the backyard revolution cost?

Currently, the guide is going for a discounted fee of $39 with a full money back guaranteed if it did not change your idea of sustainable power. This small amount is payable via PayPal and includes a 2 months guarantee to refund your money if you don’t like it.

However, with the tremendous cost of electricity bill and outrageous prices of solar panels and installation fee, you will enjoy working on the backyard revolution after purchase.

Why You Should Purchase the backyard revolution?

If you are tired of blackouts or live in areas prone to constant blackouts, this device will make a whole load of difference.

If you are tired of paying a large amount of power and do not have a saving for the future, this is the change you need.

While the backyard revolution utilizes solar panels to efficiently deliver power to your home, it is cost-effective and safe to keep your home powered during power cuts.

Overall, the backyard revolution will work efficiently in 10 square feet of space, does not require any have appliances or tools to function, and cost zero dollars to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Backyard Revolution

Can I get all the pieces to make my backyard revolution at my local store?

Yes, all the parts you need are readily available in your local hardware store. If any of the names sound too technical, just ask the store owner for it.

If the backyard revolution is good, why are most people not opting for it?

The backyard revolution is a solar-powered energy source. Most people shy away from solar panels because of the cost, space, and work that go into them. Secondly, the lack of awareness is a problem too.

Do I need any special license or approval before I start my build?

Well, it is not a huge construction work that will offset your neighbor. However, since you will be installing the pieces in your backyard or around the house, it is nice to get seek the opinion of building officials to avoid breaking or bypassing the law.

Is the backyard revolution difficult to put together?

Well, Zack was a carpenter, so it was easy for him. If you have zero knowledge about carpentry, you will find his detailed step-by-step guide a breeze to follow with no technical terms you will not understand. If you cannot, you can hire the services of a handyman to do the cutting and nailing.

How much space do I need for the backyard revolution?

Because the panels are stacked vertically, you need less space. In fact, the backyard revolution can be installed anywhere in your home – backyard, the balcony, front of the house – just make sure it gets enough sunlight.

Is there any danger associated with this?

The backyard revolution is a supplementary power supply for your home hence does not produce a large voltage that detrimental to household appliances or to humans.


Do not let your energy bill throw a wedge in living or providing the best life for yourself or your family. Solar energy is the most sustainable and readily available energy on the planet, instead of allowing it to waste; it is time to harness it.

The backyard revolution will enable you to do this in the most affordable and effective way possible. You do not need any special experience or skills to change your life and save up for the future.

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