Over the last decade, video game creators have poked at more adult topics like depression, parenthood, and grieving for lost loved ones. It Takes Two continues the trend, adapting a broken marriage into a cooperative action-adventure game. Cody and May have decided it’s better to break up than to stay […]

I’m not the biggest Monster Hunter fan in the world … although, ironically, I did enjoy Monster Hunter World. Something about the boost in presentation and graphics made it more appealing to me. I was worried that a Switch version of Monster Hunter would be disappointing. Much to my surprise, […]

Alienware’s Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 (starts at $1,079; $2,577 as tested) is the company’s flagship AMD-CPU-based gaming desktop. Fully customizable with AMD’s groundbreaking Ryzen 5000 “Renoir” CPUs and your choice of AMD or Nvidia graphics, it can be anything from an entry-level esports tower to a 4K screamer. Though our […]

Another look To the editor: When I read the recent spate of letters and email requesting an investigation into how the city overpaid for the Harrison property, my initial reaction was, “Why bother? This decision is done and most of the decision-makers are no longer on the City Council.” However, […]

Bankers Healthcare Group, or BHG, started in 2001 and in 20 years has exceeded $6 billion in funded loans and ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing privately held companies 14 times. The Davie, Florida, business provides direct loans to licensed health care professionals of all kinds, including […]

As immigration stories go, “Resident Alien” isn’t exactly an argument for open borders. Harry Vanderspeigle has, after all, arrived in snowy Patience, Colo., with the express purpose of wiping out all of humankind. His orders from home instruct him to instigate a “full extinction event.” He’s not really interested in […]

Fountain Valley prides itself on being “a nice place to live,” but the coronavirus pandemic had a way of making times tough on residents and businesses alike. Still, the community found ways to sprinkle in bits of normalcy like movies in the park and a Halloween parade, as well as […]

In a year when most decisions have been shaped in one form or another by the coronavirus pandemic, Laguna Beach felt the impact in multiple ways. Beach and school closures, cancellations and modifications of arts programs and annual festivals and changes to restaurant dining are just some of the issues […]

With all the first-person shooters out there, it can be relatively hard to stand out from the crowd. Despite these struggles, Rebellion Developments’ Sniper Elite series has always done a great job at carving out its own niche in the market. The fourth game in the series, appropriately titled Sniper […]

I don’t even know where to begin with the AtGames Legends Ultimate home arcade cabinet, because it’s almost overwhelming in its functions and features. With over 300 games installed out of the box, and wireless updates adding more, just turning it on presents a crisis of choice. With so many […]

October 6, 2020—My physics professor spilled his coffee today. A few comments popped up in the chat—Apparently today’s topic is fluid dynamics, kids—and the professor was smiling. I was smiling, too, but nobody knew; in a Zoom class of 30 students, there’s no nodding to a friend across the room. […]

Most of the time, my brain doesn’t feel like it’s especially big enough to be playing puzzle games. First-person environmental puzzle games like Portal or Subliminal gel with me, but if something involves block-swapping or gem-matching, they end up making fumes come out of my ears. The one exception to […]

A new RPG-inspired mode and well-made tutorials make this sequel excellent. Both Tetris and Puyo Puyo have existed for decades as two of the best styles of puzzle games in all of video games. The 2014 Japanese release of Puyo Puyo Tetris was like blending peanut butter and chocolate – […]