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8 Netflix Travel Shows Worth Watching While Stuck At Home

Travel shows are the only thing I watch for fun these days.

Many factors have led to this choice, with the most obvious being our collective inability to travel anywhere during this pandemic. But other contributing factors certainly include the logistical aspect of most good shows halting production (and not returning this fall) or the primal need to zone out with the continuing collapse of this country.

Bleak times make for a desire to vicariously experience the greatness of somewhere else.

Most of my travel-watching has consisted of old Anthony Bourdain episodes from his various shows as well as YouTube upstarts, such as Johnny Harris, who got their footage before the shutdown.

But as a perennial Netflix watcher, I figured I’d also see what the subscription service has to offer.

Michael Whitehall in "Travels With My Father" on Netflix.

Michael Whitehall in “Travels With My Father” on Netflix.

As with many travel show projects of the

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  • October 7, 2020

Hate the Rays? Good – it’ll make watching the Yankees’ Division Series more fun | Klapisch

What a great idea it was to put the Yankees and Rays in the same San Diego hotel this week for the Division Series. I’m sure MLB now regrets it – these two teams couldn’t hate each other more than they already do – but I say bravo. October is always more fun when rivals are at each other’s throats, not to mention jostling for room service. In sports, nothing plays better than good versus evil.

So, tip of the hat to the Rays for violating all PC protocols in the run-up to Game 1. Outfielder Kevin Kiermaier matter of factly said, “(the Yankees) don’t like us and we don’t like them.” And just to throw in a casual tweak, he added, “we know we can beat anyone.”

We didn’t hear the Indians talk this way during the Wild Card Series. They were quite civilized as they were getting swept

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  • October 4, 2020

Thou shalt not feel guilty for watching Filthy Rich : Review

Justin Stephens/FOX

When did TV stop having fun? Lord knows we could use it. Filthy Rich will never be confused for Emmy bait, but Fox’s new soap — about a flashy and flawed family of Prosperity Gospel billionaires — is a welcome throwback to the type of playful, Spelling-esque silliness that’s been missing from primetime for too long.

The series opens with the image of Margaret Monreaux (Kim Cattrall), clad in a red sequin evening dress and white fur stole, strolling out of a plantation-style New Orleans home that’s engulfed in flames. “Rot in Hell,” she murmurs. Things do not get more subtle from there.

Flashback to four months earlier. Margaret and her husband, conservative faith leader Eugene Monreaux (Gerald McRaney), take to the airwaves of their successful Sunshine Network to announce the family’s latest venture: A Christian-themed online shopping retailer. It’s the type of lucrative brand extension Jesus could

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  • September 18, 2020

This fashion game-changer says we’ll all be watching 3-D runway shows in the future

Fashion designer Anifa Mvuemba, founder of women's apparel line Hanifa, outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. <span class="copyright">(Christina House / Los Angeles Times)</span>
Fashion designer Anifa Mvuemba, founder of women’s apparel line Hanifa, outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. (Christina House / Los Angeles Times)

Anifa Mvuemba, founder of the direct-to-consumer women’s apparel line Hanifa, didn’t set out to revolutionize the fashion industry when she had a viral 3-D runway show on Instagram this spring.

The self-taught designer, who launched Hanifa in 2012 and became known for curve-hugging luxury pieces, was just searching for an innovative way to show her latest collection. Although she had planned to show her pieces during New York Fashion Week, Mvuemba had also dreamed of having a virtual show but hadn’t had the time or resources to pull one off. Then the pandemic happened, and she knew she couldn’t wait any longer.

Mvuemba, who has been fascinated with 3-D technology for several years, studied YouTube and other online resources to learn how to incorporate tech into

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  • September 4, 2020

Ford watching Ontario’s rising numbers ‘like a hawk’, Lecce urging in-class teaching

Yahoo News Canada is committed to providing our readers with the most accurate and recent information on all things coronavirus. We know things change quickly, including some possible information in this story. For the latest on COVID-19, we encourage our readers to consult online resources like Canada’s public health website, World Health Organization, as well as our own Yahoo Canada homepage.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread around the world, Canadians seem to be increasingly concerned about their health and safety.

Currently, there are more than 4,600 active cases of COVID-19 in Canada (with more than 121,000 diagnoses so far) and 9,000 deaths. Nearly 90 per cent of the country’s reported COVID-19 cases have recovered.

Check back for the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak in Canada.

For a full archive of the first month of the pandemic, please check our archive of events.

August 24

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  • August 24, 2020

Watching someone else open a pack of baseball cards? It’s the latest thrill for collectors

Jason Cordero was shaking. He could barely form a sentence.

“I think I am going to have a heart attack,” he said.

The hockey trading card in his trembling hands was worth upward of $100,000. He’d just pulled it from a pack of cards at Jaspy’s Case Breaks in Hermosa Beach.

But the rookie card of Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid wasn’t Cordero’s to keep. He works as an online “breaker,” opening cases, boxes and packs of sports cards for customers who’ve bought them. His efforts are streamed live over the Internet to the company’s patrons, some of whom spend thousands of dollars a month on the hobby.

The customer in question, John McCaull, a retired carpenter from San Diego, had spent about $60 to buy into the December break. In June, he sold the card, which is autographed and contains a piece of McDavid’s uniform, for $135,811 at an

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  • August 21, 2020

Best SoCal places to go whale watching right now

Humpback whales can be seen in Southern California waters in summer. <span class="copyright">(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)</span>
Humpback whales can be seen in Southern California waters in summer. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Southern California does have a summer whale-watching season. Most people think seeing whales is limited to winter, when Pacific gray whales make their annual migration along the coast between Mexico and Alaska. In summer, you have a chance to see different species.

Half-day or daylong tours provide an opportunity to see blue, humpback and minke whales — and spend time at sea on a hot day. Blue whales migrate from mid-June through October as they follow krill, one of their favorite foods.

Tours usually include a naturalist to help identify whales and other wildlife such as dolphins and seals. It’s worth looking at different tour websites to get a feel for what to expect. Davey’s Locker in Newport Beach, for example, posts daily sightings such as the huge pods of dolphins (more than 1,000)

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