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Restaurants go seasonal with winter shutdowns during pandemic

Congressional inaction on COVID-19 relief combined with rising coronavirus cases is prompting more restaurants to close up shop for the winter and go into hibernation until warmer weather returns.

Many restaurant owners, faced with the prospect of daily financial losses, are choosing to lay off employees until spring when customers can sit outside in settings where the risk of spreading the coronavirus is minimized.

The job losses are adding economic pain to an industry already hard hit by the pandemic, raising concerns about whether many of these restaurants will be able to reopen next year without government assistance.

“Shutting down a restaurant temporarily is never going to be a perfect or elegant solution, there is still going to be workers or suppliers that rely on that restaurant’s operations that are going to be left short. No restaurant owner is excited to announce they are shutting down for the winter,” said

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  • November 11, 2020

Transit shutdowns fail to deter Thai pro-democracy protests


Pro-democracy protesters march during a protest in Udom Suk, suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020. The authorities in Bangkok shut down mass transit systems and set up roadblocks Saturday as Thailand’s capital faced a fourth straight day of determined anti-government protests.


Pro-democracy activists in Thailand staged a fourth straight day of high-profile protests in the capital on Saturday, thwarting efforts by the authorities to stop them, including a shutdown of the city’s mass transit systems.

Unlike protests a day earlier, in which police used a water cannon to disperse protesters, Saturday’s demonstrations were peaceful, with no reports of any clashes by the time participants started heading home in the evening.

The protesters are calling for Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to leave office, the constitution to be amended to make it more democratic and the nation’s monarchy to undergo reform.

All stations of Bangkok’s elevated

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  • October 17, 2020

Pence defends outbreak response, pushes against shutdowns

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday defended the Trump administration’s guidance to states on ramping their economies back up amid the spread of the coronavirus, saying it was based on the best information at the time and a spike in recent cases shouldn’t mean more shutdowns.

“We really believed that was essential, that every American take these steps, and so that we would prevent our hospitals … from being overwhelmed,” Pence said of the administration’s 45-day recommended social distancing guidelines. “And the American people did their part. … We flattened the curve.”

Pence, who heads up a White House task force that communicates regularly with governors on the pandemic, was in South Carolina at the invitation of Gov. Henry McMaster, a longtime Trump supporter, to discuss processes for reopening schools this fall. They participated in a roundtable discussion with officials including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and

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