Q: John, what do you think about company mission statements? Are they genuinely something useful for staff to focus on working towards, or is it (as I think) yet another bit of business-speak that sounds impressive, rather than is? A: Like you, I’m somewhat cynical about mission statements, but many […]

Indeed, “Life Goes On” attempts to commiserate without getting consumed by grief. “One day, the world stopped / Without any prior warning,” Jungkook sings in a honey-toned voice edged with exhaustion. “On a street with footsteps since erased, / Here I am, fallen on the ground,” Jimin continues, rising to […]

NEW YORK (PRWEB) October 20, 2020 Jay Lopez, a skydiving professional with over fifteen years of experience throughout the United States and around the world, has published his new book “The Adventures of TuTu the Flying Chipmunk”: an action-packed and inspiring tale of perseverance and friendship. Jump into a […]