Healthcare workers and Phase 1A residents exit large tents at Disneyland, Orange County’s first large-scale COVID-19 vaccination site. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times) Carol Wingate has some stern advice for officials from the federal government on down: Get your coronavirus vaccine act together, and do it fast. The […]

2020 has been a truly unique year, with nations inflicting massive economic pain on themselves to mitigate a global pandemic. The list of industries that suffered in 2020 is long and depressing, but the promise of a vaccine in the short term is going a long way to reviving many […]

People dressed as showgirls stand along the Las Vegas Strip, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, in Las Vegas. As the coronavirus surges to record levels in Nevada, the governor has implored residents to stay home. But Democrat Steve Sisolak has also encouraged out-of-state visitors, the lifeblood of Nevada’s limping economy, to […]

Liverpool – ANDREA PISTOLESI There were celebrations across Liverpool last Friday as the city marked what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday with guided walks, live music and the unveiling of a new exhibition of unseen photographs at the Beatles Story Museum. But there’s little reason for celebration for […]

During the coronavirus pandemic, any country relying on the tourism industry finds itself on an economic island—isolated from the income that maintains a tax base and social services. The Bahamas faces the Covid-19 crisis as a literal island, cut off from the outside world via every airport or sea lane. […]

MADRID (AP) — From the palm-fringed beaches of southern India to the bar-lined streets of a Spanish island and the rolling hills of Ireland, restaurants, pubs and clubs are emerging as frontlines in efforts to prevent the re-emergence of the coronavirus. With Europe’s summer vacation season kicking into high gear […]