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Instead of accepting gifts, Fritz’s Adventure is actually the one giving out presents as it celebrates its fourth birthday in Branson this month.

Since Nov. 6, Fritz’s Adventure has been celebrating its November birthday by offering a variety of ways for guests of the attraction to save money and also have some fun. Fritz’s Adventure Chief Marketing Officer John Vaughn said this month they have followed the motto of ‘Turning Four and Giving More.’

“We are excited to be turning 4 years old and just want to be able to give back to our guests who have helped us really thrive over these last four years and who have come and enjoyed our facility and have fun and created memories together,” said Vaughn. “A lot of things are going on between now and Nov. 21. One thing is buy one get one free on our tickets and this takes place specifically on Thursdays during that promotional period. So we want to be able to save people some money on those particular days. Folks will just use code Birthday4 (online) during checkout to receive that offer.”

As part of the celebration, Friday visitors at Fritz’s Adventure will also the opportunity to really treat themselves.

“We’re doing a free build your own treat inside the building. So adults and kids alike will enjoy sort of mixing up their own concoctions that our team in Fritz’s Cafe has prepared for them. So families are having a lot of fun with that,” Vaughn said. “Also every guests that comes into the building during the promotional time will be eligible to potentially win one of 25 free $25 gift cards to Fritz’s that they can use on a future visit. Then we’ve also introduced a really cool VIP seating area called Fritz’s Premiere. So we are randomly giving that away to families during the promotional period as well.”

In honor of their fourth year in Branson, Vaughn shared they will be debuting a variety of all-new adventures for guests to enjoy on Nov. 19.

“We’ve got some new attractions that we are opening up on our birthday, which is our fourth birthday and going to be Thursday, Nov. 19. We’ve got 300 feet of tunnels, we’ve got 32 new obstacles, we’ve got 11 new ziplines, six new bridges and we’ve got a couple of new drops as well that our guests are going to be able to enjoy. So a lot of stuff going on with this fourth birthday celebration,” said Vaughn. “Everything is constructed now, we’re just refining everything to get ready. We’re working through all of our training and making sure we’re ready for our guests on the 19th when they come in and we debut the new Treetops Course with those 11 ziplines. It’s going to be totally amazing.”   

Vaughn explained that the addition of these new adventures at the attraction has been a part of the vision for the building since the beginning.

“It just felt like the time was right. It’s interesting. We’re living in challenging times as we know with COVID and I felt like a lot of folks are really pulling back, and we respect all decisions, but we just decided it was time to really push forward aggressively. Not only for the benefit of our guests, but really for everyone that’s going to come in, in the future to Fritz’s. Maybe people haven’t experienced us before. So we just felt like it was time to be aggressive. We don’t want to pull back this season,” said Vaughn. “We just felt like now was the time to execute it and make it happen.”

Vaughn said with all the new adventures at Fritz’s, it’s almost a re-grand opening for the attraction on Nov. 19.       

“It’s like the building is totally new again, even though we have all these same attractions people have come to learn and love over the years,” Vaughn said. “We’ve not taken anything away to make room for this stuff. We’ve just taken more advantage of the vertical space in the building. So still all the same attractions as before, but we’re adding some new stuff as well and we hope people will come out and take advantage of it.”

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