Get 30 Steam Games for Less Than $50 With This Subscription Deal

Gamers are always looking for the next challenge, and in a year that’s actively encouraged folks to stay home and find entertainment online, players have unlocked all the trophies and killed countless zombies, aliens, and online foes. So what’s next?

Even before the global health crisis, subscription services were poised to become the outlet of choice for new video games. Now they’re a great pipeline to discover tried-and-true titles as well as cutting-edge options. Enter GameThrill, which boasts access to all the great titles you know and love.

The service has become a thrifty way for gamers on a budget to access their favorite shooters, platformers, and sims grabbed from Steam, uPlay, and other platforms. And right now, a subscription to GameThrill’s Big Game Box comes with 10 games each month, carefully chosen to meet everyone’s taste.

Looking for imaginative platform fun? Try indie hits Cybercube and Atomorf2. Like strategy games with tongue firmly in cheek? Have a go at Make War or Goat Simulator. Want nail-biting adventure? Dive into Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry or Shadowrun Returns. From first-person shooters to battle royale hits, there’s something to keep your trigger finger happy in every one.

PCMag readers can take advantage of a three-month subscription to GameThrill Big Game Box for $49.99—down 33 percent from the original price. That’s a total of 30 games for the price of one new title.

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