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LAGUNA BEACH, CA — The second annual Coast Film Festival 2020 opened live at The Ranch Laguna Beach, Thursday. With shows running through Saturday, film lovers can also enjoy a plethora of featured movies virtually, online from November 15-22.

Tickets, schedule and information:

“The film festival is a celebration of storytelling from the mountains to the sea curated to entertain, inform and inspire through the power of film,” according to an event spokesperson. “This year, we are excited to offer two ways to experience more than fifty documentary films and Q & A’s with directors, producers and athletes ; both in person and online.”

The event staff had an important note about running a film festival amid coronavirus.

“The health and safety of our staff, volunteers, partners, speakers and guests are our priority,” they said. “We are closely following the CDC guidelines and working with the host property and partners to maintain that we do.”

All live events require social distancing, wearing of face masks and frequent hand washing.

“Any person not following the guidelines that puts others at risk will be asked to leave,” they said.

Event Schedule

Thursday November 12

Filmmaker Showcase Night 1
Doors open at 5, showtime is 6PM – 10 PM. Opening night under the stars on the first fairway. ( dress warmly!)

Theme: Snow & Mountains
Welcome by Host Pat Parnell – “United by the mountains and the sea.” Greg Long, Chad Nelsen, Forest Shearer and Elena Hight.

Ingrained – Directed by Jimmy Chin. Released 2020. 7 minutes.
Inaka – Directed By Chris Burkard. Released 2020. 8 minutes.

Make Believe – A film by Teton Gravity Research. Directed by Todd Jones. Released 2020. 82 minutes.

Blank Canvas – A film by Teton Gravity Research. Directed by Justin Fann and Todd Jones. Released 2020. 35 minutes.

Friday November 13

Short Film Block | Day Two Block 1 – Doors open at 9:30 AM, showtime 10:00 to 12 PM.

Theme: Protect To Enjoy. A spotlight on problem solving and changemakers with local Laguna knowledge that’s worth watching.

  • Here We Stand – Directed Chris Cresci, Released 2019, 11 Minutes

  • Purple Mountains – Directed by Jeremy Jones, Released 2020, 30 minutes

  • Laguna Beach, Ten Challenges to its Legacy and Character. Directed by Ron Chilcote and Charles Michael Murray. Released 2020, 40 minutes

  • Q& A – Hosted by Pat Parnell, Hallie Jones, Ron Chilcote, Elena Hight

Short Film Block | Day Two Block 2. Showtime 12:30 to 2:30 PM.

Theme: Our Public Lands Amazing films about human interaction with beautiful places and the power of connection and need to protect.

  • This Land – directed by Whit Hassett, Chelsea Jolly, Faith Briggs. Released 2020. runtime 10:31 minutes

  • The Postman – directed by Sam Needham. Released 2020. runtime 7:42 minutes

  • Ode To Desolation – Directed by Lindsay Hagen. Released 2020, runtime 13:00 minutes

  • The Important Places, Directed by Forest Woodward, Released 2016, runtime 9:42 minutes

  • It Is The People – Directed by Elina Osborne. Released 2020. 16 minutes

  • A Northern Light – Directed by Tony Czech and Riverhorse Nakadate, released 2020, runtime 13 minutes

  • Into America’s Wild – Directed by Greg MacGillivray, released February 2020. Runtime 36 minutes

  • Q&A – Hosted by Pat Parnell, Chad Nelsen, Greg MacGillivray, Forest Shearer, Elena Hight

Short Film Block | Day Two Block 3: Showtime 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Theme: Healed By Nature. A series of short films with inspiring stories about people’s lives that have been changed through a connection to adventure and nature.

  • Drawn From Here. Directed by Eric Pollard, released TBD, run time 6 minutes.

  • Concrete Solitude- Directed by Perry Gershkow, released 2020, run time 4 minutes

  • Building Bridges – Directed by Johannes Olszewski, released 2019, run time 4 minutes

  • Mothered By Mountains – Renan Ozturk, released 2020, runtime 16 minutes

  • Daughter of The Sea- Directed by Maceo Frost, released 2018, runtime 4 minutes

  • On Falling, Directed by Josephine Anderson, released 2020, runtime 13:37

  • The Lucky Ones, Directed by Jeff Johnson, released 2020, runtime 7 minutes

  • Lessons From Jeju, Directed by Nicole Gormley, released 2020, runtime 13:31

  • Sand In the Sky, Directed by Gnarly Bay, released 2018, runtime 4:26 minutes

  • UNNUR, Directed by Chris Burkart, released 2020, runtime 19 minutes

  • Q & A : Hosted by Pat Parnell, Nicole Gromley, Jeff Johnson, Chris Burkard

Filmmaker Showcase Night 2
Doors open at 5:00 PM, showtime 6:00PM – 10 PM. Sage Ballroom and patio at The Ranch.

Theme: Get Outside. Featuring an exciting evening of adventure and mountain bike films.

Introductions by host Pat Parnell
Into America’s Wild, a Macgillivray Freeman film directed by Greg MacGillivray. Released 2020. 38 minutes.

Accomplice, A film by Teton Gravity Research. Directed by Jeremy Grant and Todd Jones. Released 2020, 52 minutes

Any One of Us, A film by Red Bull Media House. Directed by Fernando Villena. Released 2019, 85 minutes

  • Q&A : Hosted by Pat Parnell, Fernando Villena director, Ben Bryan producer, Paul Bagaliota athlete

Saturday November 14

Short Film Block | Day Three Block 1. Doors open at 9:30 AM, showtime 10:00 to 12 PM.

Theme: Stoke. A series of short films about people pushing the limits of sport and cinematography. Q & A’s with host Pat Parnell, directors and special guests.

  • Finding Ground, The Geoff Rowley Story, Directed by Greg Hunt, released 2020, runtime 11:17

  • Elude, Directed by Perry Gershokow, released 2020, runtime 32:50

  • A Day in Japan, by Leo Horn, released 2020, runtime 1:00

  • Boundless, Directed by ROAM,released 2020, Runtime 6:47

  • Sandbagging, directed by Jimmy Chin, released 2020, Runtime 10:49

  • Returning Home, Directed by Bushon Thakkar, released 2020, Runtime 12

  • Inside This Soft World, Directed by Nathan Oldfied, 2020, 6 minutes

  • Riss; Carissa Kainani Moore, directed by Peter Hamblin, 2020, 40 minutes

  • Q& A: Hosted by Pat Parnell, Richie Schley, Jeff Johnson, Forest Shearer

Short Film Block | Day Three Block 2. Showtime 12:30 to 2:30 PM.

Theme: Wanderlust. A series of short films about adventures to amazing places around the world and stories that create awe and inspiration.

  • The Big One, directed by ROAM, released 2020, runtime 15 minutes

  • Kekoa, directed by TBD, released 2020, runtime 30 minutes

  • A Day in Japan, by Leo Horn, released 2020, runtime 1:00

  • Full Circle. An adventure to Corcovado by Erich Roepke

  • Camel Finds Water, Directed by Ian Durkin and Trevor Gordon, released date 2019, runtime 8 minutes

  • Arc of Aleutia, directed by Ben Weiland and Chris Burkard, released 2020, runtime 30 minutes

  • Q&A: Hosted by Pat Parnell, Stein Retzlaf, Ryan Hitzel, Nate Zoller

Short Film Block | Day Three block 3. Showtime 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Theme: Our Oceans A series of short films put a spotlight on stories about change and the struggle our oceans and society are facing right now.

  • From Kurils With Love, Directed by Taylor Rees, released 2020, 24 minutes

  • Matagi Malohi- Strong Winds, directed by Forest Woodward, released 2020, 3 minutes

  • Lean Against The Wind, directed by Keith Malloy, released 2020, 11:24 minutes

  • Life Below Water, Directed by Brian Schulz, released 2020, 2:30 minutes

  • 12 Miles North, The Nick Gabaldon Story, Directed by Richard Yelland, released 2016, 24 minutes

  • To the Surface, directed by Gnarly Bay Films, released 2020, 7:20 minutes

  • Time and Tide, directed by Caleb Yule, released 2020, 11 minutes

  • Sea Us Now, directed by Bethany Mellenkoff and Textured Waves, released 2020, 4 minutes.

  • Voice Above Water, directed by Dana Frankoff, released 2020, 12 minutes

  • Q&A Speakers: Hosted by Pat Parnell, Chad Nelsen Surfrider, Dana Frankoff Director, Alan Lovewell, Expert on US Fisheries, Richard Yelland,

Filmmaker Showcase Night 3
Doors open at 5, showtime 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at The Ranch Laguna Beach Sage ballroom and patio.

Theme: Oceans & Surf Culture. Featuring an evening of great stories and action films and surf and nostalgia.

Intro – Pat Parnell, Chad Nelsen and Greg Long
Sandbagging, Directed by Dan Malloy, released 2020, 10 minutes
UNNUR – Directed by Chris Burkard, released 2020, 19 minutes

Arc of Aleutia, Directed by Ben Weiland and Chris Burkard, released 2020, 30 minutes

A Life Of Endless Summers, The Bruce Brown Story – Directed by Dana Brown. Released 2020, 88 minutes

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