Weekend reads: How to select the best SPACs so you don’t get burned

Special-purpose acquisition companies, known as SPACs, have grown popular among money managers and investors because they make the process of taking a company public much easier. But free rides for investors are rare and they never last long. Michael Brush explains the risks of SPACs and provides a detailed guide to selecting the most promising SPACs.

The big turnaround

The rapid increase of long-term interest rates signals a fear of higher inflation as the U.S. economy heats up. The yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury notes

jumped above 1.50% on Thursday. Only three weeks ago, the 10-year yield was 1.15%.

Sunny Oh explains what is going on in the bond market and how it may affect the stock market.

Steve Goldstein explains the critical relationship between bond yields and stock dividends.

Mark Hulbert explains why value stocks tend to outperform when interest rates rise. Here’s a list of Wall Street’s favorite value stocks.

It’s tax time — learn and save

The Internal Revenue Service is facing an onslaught of tax returns as we head to the April 15 filing deadline, but refunds are expected to be significantly smaller for many people than they were a year ago,

Alessandra Malito has a reminder about a tax credit you may have overlooked. That’s money going straight into your pocket if you qualify.

Bill Bischoff — MarketWatch’s Tax Guy — has last-minute tips that can save you money when filing your return.

The City of Rocks Natural Reserve

Courtesy Idaho Tourism

Go West

Silvia Ascarelli helps a couple that wants to be outdoors and is looking to relocate to an “up-and-coming” spot in a Western state with reasonable costs. Here are three towns that might work for them.

You can read more articles on where to retire here. Or try the MarketWatch “where should I retire” tool for your own customized search.

Also read: Should you buy a vacation home as a place to retire?

Don’t buy shares of GameStop

Did that get your attention? Most of the action around GameStop Corp.

has centered on short-term trading to cause short squeezes — frenzied buying by short-sellers who had bet against the videogame retailer because most games are now distributed online. But the videogame industry continues to grow very rapidly. Jeff Reeves suggests investors look beyond two obvious videogame investment plays — Activision Blizzard Inc.

and Nvidia Corp.

— and consider these seven stocks and ETFs.

Also read: Nvidia’s future is bright as its many bets are paying off

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Is it time to buy bitcoin? How about shares in a company that runs a cryptocurrency exchange?

Mark DeCambre describes bitcoin’s surge over the past year, puts the cryptocurrency’s recent pullback in context and clarifies the pros and cons of investing in it now. He also shares five things to know about the initial public offering of Coinbase, the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange.

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  • Tesla stock’s drop likely related to bitcoin bet

An investment portfolio to build your retirement

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you has precise knowledge of the best way to invest your money for decades so you could build a huge nest egg for retirement? You would be positioned for growth and to ride out any market conditions. Paul Merriman suggests an all-weather investment portfolio.

More about retirement and planning for it:

  • Have you read your Social Security statement? Here’s how

  • It’s time to get your estate planning done — here’s how to do it right

What a new round of government spending may mean for investors

William Watts points to a fascinating development for the stock market — expectations of a large federal infrastructure spending package are being reflected in analysts’ earnings estimates for certain industries. Here are the opportunities and risks.

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A retiree’s housing decision

Alessandra Malito helps a retired man decide whether to sell his home by digging into the numbers.

A healthcare IPO

Ciara Linnane looks at an upcoming initial offering of shares by Oscar Health, a company co-founded in 2012 by Joshua Kushner, a brother of former White House adviser Jared Kushner and brother-in-law to Ivanka Trump.

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