Hanan Shabazz cuts broccoli to prep it for a soup at the Southside Kitchen in Asheville, N.C., Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020. The staff was feeding about 500 people that day she said. The Southern Foodways Alliance has awarded Shabazz its annual Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award for her culinary and […]

There might have been a time when working from home seemed too good to be true, but no more. The U.S. economy was already shifting toward more remote jobs even before the coronavirus pandemic struck. Now, with social distancing in place, working from home is more critical than ever. Using […]

When the pandemic hit, the main problem for television productions was how you could possibly make shows in these times. The next and related problem was how you could possibly make shows about these times. Producers first tackled these related problems, technical and narrative, in special episodes like the “Parks […]

Few places exude glamour quite like Beverly Hills, which is one reason the Milken Institute Global Conference has become one of the world’s leading business mixers. The annual spring event draws thousands of chief executives, wealthy investors, fund managers and others to a jammed Beverly Hilton where attendees catch up […]

This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands. For the past six years, André Meester has worked as a professional butler, tending to the needs of a 56-year-old Dutch gentleman for 60 hours a week. I met up with the 38-year-old at his boss’ house in the small Dutch town of […]

British artist Sacha Jafri paces barefoot back and forth across his giant canvas stretched across the ballroom floor of a luxury Dubai hotel, listening to a young girl singing.  She performed Friday on the almost-completed canvas measuring just under 2,000 square metres (20,000 sq feet), before it is broken down […]

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many people who were previously used to working in an office environment have had to get used to working from home, setting up home offices and acclimatising to a much quieter workplace setting than they may typically be used to. During the peak of lockdown, when […]

Tests are being carried out at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport – Getty The Government is coming under increasing pressure to introduce airport testing in order to drop the travel quarantine, which is currently imposed on arrivals from countries such as France, Spain and Croatia. Today, Heathrow Airport said it is “ready […]

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, more of us have been getting used to working from home. With social distancing measures still in force, some companies have suggested workers may not be back in the office until 2021. So if you’re getting bored of the same four walls, are […]

Did you know we have an online event about the future of work coming up? Join the Future of Work track at TNW2020 to hear how successful companies are adapting to a new way of working. The world of work is fast changing. As life expectancy lengthens and labor markets […]

LAS VEGAS – MGM Resorts is now luring business professionals to resorts with ‘Work from Vegas’ travel packages that include discounted jet service, rooms as cheap as $100-per-night and a living, breathing executive assistant. The new program is called Viva Las Office, and it’s the latest example of a Las Vegas company pumping up perks to boost bookings in […]

(Bloomberg) — Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Bank of America Corp. were left off Ant Group’s upcoming stock sale in Hong Kong because of their past work with rivals of its affiliate Alibaba, according to people familiar with the matter. Bankers have been told by senior executives at Alibaba Group […]