The road to unfunded mandates is paved with good intentions in the form of legislation. At least that’s my main take-away with one group of bills that the Legislature is now considering. In a nutshell, Assembly Bill 4843 and its Senate companion, S-3549, would require municipalities and nonprofit organizations that […]

For older Americans battered by the jobs market during the pandemic, here’s some encouraging news: There are 7.4 million job openings in the U.S. (as of Feb. 28), the Labor Department says. That’s up from 7.1 million a month earlier and the most since January 2019. It’s the latest sign that demand […]

Sometimes you hear a crack or a roar. More often the first sign is snow shifting around your feet. The snow starts in a slab and then breaks into blocks that knock you off your skis, careening down in a slide moving as fast as 60-80 mph. If you’re lucky, […]

Buy Photo The Desert Sun’s print opinion pages. (Photo: Al Franco/The Desert Sun) In the summer of 2019, The Desert Sun’s opinion pages took a “vacation” from national politics. For the month of July, we took a break from all the machinations of Washington and put the focus back here at […]

In January, Virginia teachers were moved into a high-priority group for vaccines. One would think that demanding and accepting this high prioritization would make these school systems sensitive to the responsibility it comes with. Alas, it did not. They want to write off the remaining three months of school, just […]

By Charles E. Kraus Abe Lincoln was born on the same day as my father. This was no coincidence. My father told me to say that. Both these great men have ceased to walk the topsoil. In the old days, my old days, it was handy that the state we […]

Welcome to 2021, finally. Though plenty of challenges remain, there is something reassuring about the promise of a new year. Specifically, the coronavirus vaccine is a shooting star to which many of us are attaching our hopes for better, healthier, and more prosperous days. Among all its hard lessons, 2020 […]

As a case manager for a nonprofit that serves older adults, veterans and adults with disabilities in Texas, I’ve seen social services move online as a way to more efficiently get assistance to people without exposing them to the virus. And yet, this only exacerbates the digital divide. Many of […]

By John J. Metro Where do you see your personal growth in the next five or 10 years? What about our community’s growth, how we commute, utilize parks and occupy housing? The Jersey City master plan survey is a questionnaire asking residents for input on community objectives and the future […]

Ms. Hayden, Mr. McGee and Mr. Panayides shared an entrepreneurial streak. They expressed a desire for connection with others and sought to achieve it online. But their attempts at conventional influencing (via modeling, reality television, running a small business and sharing motivational content) brought only modest attention. It wasn’t until […]

Four years later, not only is Trump about to be impeached for the second time after getting trounced in his reelection bid, the Trump brand is likely to be destroyed. Though he will never receive the full comeuppance he deserves for his myriad misdeeds, those hoping for accountability can take […]