When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one Decider contributor who recaps Saturday Night Live to realize that the 90-minute sketch comedy show is too long and no longer needs to be, he’ll argue his case to make SNL an hourlong showcase instead. But it’s still […]

Produced by Susan Mallie, Jennifer Terker and Cindy Cesare In April 2017, Moscow native Anna Repkina was found murdered on a remote Oregon logging road. Fifty-five hundred miles from home, investigators were puzzled as to what she was doing there and who could possibly want her dead. Turns out she’d […]

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office has taken 34-year-old Zachary Scott Ranahan, the second suspect in a weekend murder of a Bellingham man, into custody after shots were fired during his arrest Monday evening in an incident just west of Bellingham. “There was an incident taking him into custody where there […]