Demi Lovato, Tom DeLonge, Kesha & More Artists Who Believe in Aliens

Tom DeLonge

The former Blink-182 star is perhaps Hollywood’s biggest UFO advocate, spearheading decades of research on the topic and efforts to publicize sightings. You can see our full timeline of his history with UFOs here.

Most recently, in April 2020, the U.S. Navy officially released three clips of UFO sightings DeLonge has been talking about for years. The videos, titled “GIMBAL.wmv,” “FLIR.mp4” and “GOFAST.wmv,” were first published by The New York Times and DeLonge’s research organization, To the Stars Academy, in 2017 and 2018.

“With today’s events and articles on my and @TTSAcademy’s efforts to get the US Gov to start the grand conversation, I want to thank every share holder at To The Stars for believing in us,” he tweeted following the news. “Next, we plan on pursuing the technology, finding more answers and telling the stories.”

Demi Lovato

In October 2020, the singer spent some time in Joshua Tree, California — which is known for its frequent UFO sightings — with Dr. Steven Greer, “one of the world’s foremost authority figures regarding Extraterrestrial Intelligence,” according to his Instagram bio.

She took to Instagram to share her experience with a series of photos of unusual orbs. “The past few days I’ve spent in Joshua Tree with a small group of loved ones and @dr.steven.greer and his CE5 team,” she wrote. “Over the past couple months I have dug deep into the science of consciousness and experienced not only peace and serenity like I’ve never known but I also have witnessed the most incredibly profound sightings both in the sky as well as feet away from me. This planet is on a very negative path towards destruction but WE can change that together. If we were to get 1% of the population to meditate and make contact, we would force our governments to acknowledge the truth about extraterrestrial life among us and change our destructive habits destroying our planet. This is just some of the evidence from under the stars in the desert sky that can no longer be ignored and must be shared immediately.”

See here.

In January 2021, Lovato uploaded another Instagram video, in which she’s heard off-camera saying, “Another day, another UFO sighting.”

“Wow,” she says as the camera follows unidentified lights in the sky, ping-ponging in the air in broad daylight. “What the f—. They’re coming.”


Kesha included several spaceships on her 2017 Rainbow album cover after experiencing a UFO sighting. In an interview on the Zach Sang Show she didn’t mention an actual encounter with any extraterrestrials, but she did see what looked like “little balls of fire in the sky.”

“I was in Joshua Tree, totally sober, let me preface — completely f—ing sober … I think people would be like, ‘She was on acid’ or something. I wasn’t. I was on nothing. I was a totally sober Sally, just a lady in the desert,” Kesha said. “I look up in the sky and there’s a bunch of spaceships.”

“I swear to God, there were like five to seven, and I don’t know why I didn’t like try to take a picture of it — I just looked at it,” she continued. “I was sitting on a rock, and I was like, ‘What in the hell is that?’ I was trying to figure it out, and then they went away. And then they came back.”

The singer found a “new hobby” at the beginning of 2021 after chatting with fellow UFO-believer Demi Lovato on her podcast, Kesha and the Creepies. “I loved the conversation we had because… there were a couple books she mentioned and an app she mentioned that I immediately downloaded,” the “High Road” singer told ET. ”… [I told my family,] ‘All I want for Christmas is for us all to meditate and try to channel extraterrestrials.’ And they’re like, ‘OK.'”

“I’m like trying to get all my friends and family into meditating the aliens to us. It’s my new hobby because of Demi Lovato,” she continued.

Nick Jonas

Kesha isn’t the only singer influenced by Lovato. While appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers in 2015, Nick Jonas shared that he and his fellow former Disney Channel star “have talked about [UFOs] a lot.”

“I am on board. When I was 14 maybe, I was in my backyard playing basketball with some friends, and I looked up in the sky and there was three flying saucers,” he shared of his personal experience with otherworldly life. “This is Hollywood, so everyone was like, ‘It’s a movie, it’s a movie set.’ I was convinced it was real, and I looked up online and there was three identical sightings in other states. So, I am a firm believer in aliens.”

Machine Gun Kelly

In August 2020, MGK teamed up with Travis Barker for a collaboration titled “Concert for Aliens,” and in the accompanying animated lyric video, the duo escape a group of “space invaders,” stealing a UFO before they crash land on Mars. Making the most of their new living situation, the duo win over the aliens by throwing them a banging pop-punk concert.

The video’s extraterrestrial theme is not random for MGK, who is a strong believer in life outside of Earth. In a January 2021 interview for Late Late Show With James Corden, the star shared, “Homie, I saw life on this planet that was from another planet two nights ago, over a lake in Thousand Oaks. A red orb came out of nowhere, went and disappeared again.”

He also recalls seeing the “same exact orb” while on vacation. “I was in Bora Bora a week before that Hawaiian blue orb over the Pacific or whatever,” he continues. “Bora Bora is also in the Pacific and I saw that same exact orb that they were talking about in Hawaii and I saw the exact same thing fly by and disappear over a mountain. They’re out here.”

Miley Cyrus

In October 2020, Cyrus discussed extraterrestrial life with  Rick Owens for Interview Magazine, following the designer’s collaborative experiment with Italian label Moncler, in which he decked out a custom vehicle and matching attire for a road trip from Los Angeles to Nevada.

In the conversation, Owens admitted that he doesn’t “really” believe in extraterrestrial beings, “it seems a little arrogant to assume there’s nobody else but us.”

“That’s what I f—ing think!” Cyrus replied, before sharing that she’s had her own experience with otherworldly life.

“I was driving through San Bernardino with my friend, and I got chased down by some sort of UFO,” she explained, before cheekily adding, “I’m pretty sure about what I saw, but I’d also bought weed wax from a guy in a van in front of a taco shop, so it could have been the weed wax. But the best way to describe it is a flying snowplow. It had this big plow in the front of it and was glowing yellow. I did see it flying, and my friend saw it, too. There were a couple of other cars on the road and they also stopped to look, so I think what I saw was real.”

She added that she didn’t feel threatened by the experience at all. “I did see a being sitting in the front of the flying object,” she said. “It looked at me and we made eye contact, and I think that’s what really shook me, looking into the eyes of something that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around. But you’re so right to say that it’s a form of narcissism to think that we’re the only things that could be in this vast universe.”

Post Malone

In August 2020, Post Malone was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where the rapper discussed a number of past experiences with UFO sightings.

“I was probably 16, in upstate New York, and it would just stay there [in the sky],” he said “My aunt and uncle were very strict and we had to go to bed at a very strict deadline probably 10 p.m. I was looking out the window with my cousin and it’s just a light that stays there and then just f—ing goes off. Just ‘whoosh,’ you can’t explain it.”

“I used to live in Tarzana,” he continued of another experience in Los Angeles. “There was a balcony, and it sounds corny, but there was a classic force field. When you think of a force field, and it’s kinda like a dome, in a circular shape and it just [quickly] goes back in. In Tarzana, looking down at the f—ing city. I’m like, ‘how did nobody else see this?’ But I was there with four other people and they saw it, too.”

Alicia Keys

In an October 2013 interview with Buzzfeed, the Grammy winning singer shared that not only does she believe in aliens, but she also thinks “they’re here [on Earth] now.”

“I’ve met some serious aliens in my life, for sure,” she joked. “I’m sure you’ve seen a UFO. Haven’t all of us seen something flying in the sky, and it’s at some random time of night that doesn’t make sense, and it’s not the shape of a plane?”

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