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how to get companies to listen

<span>Photograph: Diephosi/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Diephosi/Getty Images

If it feels as if every company you have contacted in recent months has done everything it could not to talk to you, that may be right.

Airlines, holiday firms, online retailers – and even the big supermarkets – have all been accused of removing customer “contact us” options from websites or failing to answer phones during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some have had to reduce the number of staff in call centres, while others have simply been overwhelmed by the volume of people trying to get in touch.

However, according to Resolver, the online-complaints website, even before the current crisis firms were already making it harder and harder for customers to get in touch. The coronavirus crisis has turbocharged this trend – with the removal of email contact addresses the biggest bugbear with consumers.

Resolver reckons every week a big company is removing its email address from

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