Trambellir Sweetens Medical Tourism For Travellers With Wellness and Beauty Services – Press Release

Trambellir Sweetens Medical Tourism For Travellers With Wellness and Beauty Services

The company is looking to offer tourists a travel experience beyond Food and Sightseeing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Trambellir, today, launched its online booking platform to introduce prospective tourists to a wide range of wellness and beauty services in medical tourism. The platform provides access to superior medical, wellness, and beauty treatments for travelers as additional activities at their travel destinations. These services range from advanced medical care such as cancer treatments to fitness programs to beauty care such as teeth whitening among others. 

With this move, Trambellir is creating a shift in the narrative of medical tourism. Often, medical tourism is patronized by people who are looking to get medical care for certain critical health conditions. This has effectively slapped medical tourism with metal images of intractable diseases and complicated procedures. Trambellir aims to move medical tourism away from only huge or terminal illnesses and make it as casual and as integrated for all travelers around the world. 

Research has shown that the global medical tourism market was 37 billion USD in 2018 and is expected to reach 180 billion USD in 2026. It is also well worth mentioning that 40% of revenue generated came from casual treatments such as cosmetic and dental. 

According to Co-Founder and CEO of Trambellir, SO Iizuka, ‘It’s very common having foreign expats like myself live in other countries or most who choose to travel the world hopping from one country to the other, but why is it that most of the times they need to seek medical care, they’d choose to go back home than having it abroad instead? Why, when it is so inconvenient and irrational that way?

I really wanted to change that. If anyone were to ask me, “What do you plan to achieve with Trambellir?” I’d be proud to say, “Our ultimate goal at Trambellir is to create a world where anyone can seek  medical care wherever they are and whenever they wish to.”

Away from casual care, since COVID19 impacted the world, the platform began to sell PCR tests. With the addition of these PCR tests, it would seem that  Trambellir has something for everybody. Business people can get tested easily before boarding a flight. Mothers who are on vacation with their family can stop for a facial while the kids interest themselves in a toystore next door. And if there is a granny who needs to get her blood tested in preparation for cancer treatment, Trambellir also caters to them.

In 2019, Trambellir was recognized as an Alpha Program Start-up company by RISE”, the largest tech conference in Asia. The company has gained ground in 35 cities in 25 countries especially in Asia. It also utilizes TBOHolidays to sell its products to travelers.

About Trambellir

Trambellir is a word coined from ‘travel’ and ‘embellir. Embellir is a French word that means ‘to make someone beautiful.’ Trambellir, therefore, means ‘to make yourself healthy and beautiful as you travel’. The company was born out of the founder, Iizuka’s experience as a child who was in operating theater every 4 years for intestinal volvulus surgeries since he was 4 years old. According to him, ‘I know exactly the feeling of being a vulnerable patient. It could get even tougher when one cannot get proper treatment at an appropriate timing, just because one is a thousand miles away from home. He, therefore, created the company so that travelers can have access to medical care wherever and whenever. Trambellir however focuses on wellness and beauty treatments as additional activities at travel destinations.

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