Top 5 Best Family-Friendly VR Games to Play With Your Loved Ones

There are no better activities than deep-diving into the world of virtual reality and play some games with your loved ones. As video games have become more and more realistic every year, several games have adapted the technology and make the gaming experience even way better.

Whether you’re in for a crazy solo adventure or a high-paced race against the time to defuse a bomb, we have five VR-supported games to recommend playing with your family and your loved ones. Shout out to AffinityVR for the inspiration!

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Playroom VR

“Playroom VR” is one of the best local VR multiplayer that the gaming industry could offer today. The collection offers several mini augmented-reality games from ghost-hunting to classic cat-and-mouse chase, including “Super Mario”-like game “Astro Bot.” Whether you play with or against each other, “Playroom VR” is a good start if you’ve just gotten into VR. 

“Playroom VR” is exclusively available on PS4. 

Mass Exodus

In “Mass Exodus,” one player takes the VR headset while others use the DualShock controllers. The one with the headset plays the role of a giant robot, namely the ‘seeker,’ who controls a factory. As the seeker, you must find rogue androids, who are played by others, before they sabotage the factory. 

Sounds interesting? You can play “Mass Exodus” on PC via trusted online retailers, like Steam. 

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

As the game title suggests, “Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes” is a game where you have to think and act fast. One player, aka the ‘Defuser,’ wears the VR headset while others help him defuse the bomb using the manual, which can be accessed here. You will need to print the manual to help you with the game. 

Only the Defuser could see the bomb. It changes within every match, so they have to explain what it looks like to the other peers. The game is available to play whether you’re on PC, PS VR, Samsung Gear VR, or Oculus Go. Click on this website to find out more and play. 

Puppet Fever

Local multiplayer “Puppet Fever” is another go-to title to play. This game takes you to the backstage of a puppet show, where you take turns acting out using puppets. With a free companion app on Android, iOS, and PC, playing “Puppet Fever” has never been easier. The game is available on Oculus. 

Half-Life: Alyx

Lastly, we have “Half-Life: Alyx.” While it isn’t precisely a multiplayer game to play with your family, it’s hard not to including Valve’s comeback to the “Half-Life” series from this list. The game takes you several years before the events of “Half-Life 2,” as the Combine captured Alyx and her father, Dr. Eli. 

“Half-Life: Alyx” is available on Windows and Linux PCs. 

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