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How Savannah Has Remained Resilient in Trying Times

If COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter have been the dominant stories of 2020 in America so far, then cities have been the main stages on which those dramas have played out. From New York to Los Angeles, Miami to Portland, American cities have confronted the challenges of coronavirus and the passion of BLM with differing results. How have civic leaders fought to save lives while preserving their economies? Why were some cities able to embrace the cause of racial justice while avoiding some of the conflict that still surrounds those protests? To discuss these pressing questions, Worth hosted Savannah Strong: A Story of Resilience, a live online event, on July 21.

In a state where divisions over how to handle the virus are still making headlines, Savannah, Ga., has charted its own distinctive course, shutting down for quarantine in early March and, on July 1, becoming the first city

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