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When Val Demings Stood by Police Officers Accused of Excessive Force

An 84-year-old World War II veteran named Daniel Daley broke his neck outside a Florida bar after being slammed to the ground by an Orlando police officer young enough to be his grandson. It happened in 2010, after Daley left his car in the wrong parking lot. He came out as a tow truck arrived. An argument ensued. The next thing the octogenarian remembered was being in the hospital.

“A body hip check … slammed him on his head and broke his neck,” Sean Douglas Hill, a bartender at The Caboose, who knew Daley well, said in a deposition. “And it cracked like a watermelon . . . You just heard a pop. I had never heard anything so horrific.”

The Orlando police chief defended the officer, 26-year-old Travis Lamont. She told a local newspaper, “After a review of the defensive tactic form by the training staff and Officer Lamont’s

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