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We sorely need a liberal approach to Covid-19, but it won’t come from the Lib Dems

Covid-19 has inflicted much on us all over the last seven months – illness, separation from friends, family and colleagues, unemployment – plus the hardship and anxiety those things bring. It has also brought with it depressing conformity; both in the way we must conduct our lives and a prevailing belief that the tougher the restrictions you want, the more compassionate you are. 

This was highlighted yesterday as just one MP voted against rules allowing police enforcement of self-isolation. As new, stricter, rules came into force on Merseyside last weekend, a video circulated on social media of police officers stomping through pubs to make sure people were complying with Tier 3 “meal and no mixing” regulations. The official Merseyside Police Twitter account responded to the clip by saying “our officers have a responsibility to ensure compliance with the law.” I’ve heard barely a whimper from politicians against such moves. 


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  • October 23, 2020

Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats forced to hold e-conferences due to coronavirus pandemic

It’s party conference time – but not as we know and love it (and often hated it, too).

Gone are the three weeks of plotting and posturing in big halls, whispered briefings over tepid food, grazing on sausage rolls at fringes and rounding each day with liver-destroying receptions.

This year, thanks to coronavirus, it’s all online. Welcome to the e-conferences, an event that everyone can attend but, frankly, may prove tame since the best action usually takes place not on stage but in bars, corridors and nearby kebab houses.

For the control freaks at No 10 or Victoria Street it is a dream come true – a chance for ultimate message discipline without MPs or members. No chance of it being derailed by an unauthorised 3am reshuffle briefing in the Radisson Hotel bar.

They’re doing their best to recreate some of the fun.

Labour is staging a quiz night on

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  • September 18, 2020