Photograph: Nicole Hester/AP Donald Trump Jr stood on the flatbed of an 18-wheel truck at rodeo grounds in Williams, Arizona, and made his father’s re-election pitch to a seemingly unlikely audience: Native Americans. The US president’s campaign claims he has been the “fiercest ally” of the Native American community. Don […]

Online trolls suck and video games rule. Eric Smith is a successful young adult author AND he’s a literary agent for P.S. Literary Agency. He’s a pretty busy guy but word on the net is that he’s never too busy to fight cyberbullying and talk about food on Twitter. It […]

My high-speed internet…isn’t. Starting a Zoom, Skype, WebEx or Google Meet at my house is like a countdown for a Space-X launch.  -All applications off? Check.  -Tabs closed? Check.  -All other family members off-line? (“No, Dad, I have a call!”) Not so check. And then regardless of how successful that […]