Credit: Elena Georgiou, My City /EEA Duke professor Herman Pontzer has spent his career counting calories. Not because he’s watching his waistline, exactly. But because, as he sees it, “in the economics of life, calories are the currency.” Every minute, everything the body does—growing, moving, fighting infection, even just existing—”all […]

Over the last year, many guys have found themselves gaining weight due to the impact that life in lockdown has had on their diet and physical activity. When you can’t leave the house, you’re more likely to spend more hours sedentary, enjoying the creature comforts of the couch and your […]

There’s no denying that outdoor is “in” — and the industry is rapidly evolving into a larger-than-life category as it deftly darts through the many challenges stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and concurrently caters to a growing, diversified customer base. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that the outdoor […]

Haunted TikTok is the next evolution of internet horror After hours of scrolling through endless TikToks of teens dancing, couples pranking each other, and dogs being cute — something on your For You Page stops you dead in your tracks. Someone is walking around a dark, empty house, as text […]