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Photo credit: Elle UK


Tuesday 28, July

The Moon is still moving through your house of rest and retreat today. No wonder you just want to retire and hide out from the hustle and bustle of the world, and especially online. You need a serious break from the news and the stress of the world. Just unplug and tap into something more fulfilling on the soul level.

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Monday 27, July

The stars are emotional and contentious. Mars squaring Mercury is not a great combination and can cause major upheaval and stress. You tend to blurt out exactly how you feel to begin with, but today it could come out way more explosive than you even intended. When in doubt, remain silent or take space.

Sunday 26, July

The lovely Moon in Libra gets even lovelier today, Sagi bb. This highlights your social zone and makes you want to do multiple Zoom cocktail soirees or socially distanced outdoor activities with your mates. You need people – connecting and collaborating is key.

Saturday 25, July

With the Moon in Libra this weekend, your social zone is super sweet. Note that today the energy is a bit more complex as Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is opposite this potent lunar energy. This can bring up early childhood issues about friendship and trust. Don’t avoid this if it comes up for you, Sagittarius.

Friday 24, July

Dreamy Neptune might make this into a strange Friday, Sagittarius. The Moon is still in your career zone, but now she’s enmeshed with the planet of pink fog and deception. Make sure not to fall for any get-rich-quick schemes. It’s easy to believe that even the most outlandish ideas can work under these cosmic conditions.

Thursday 23, July

The Moon is powering up your career zone and giving you both a broad vision and the ability to drill down into the details. A sweet connection to Venus brings both ambition and abundance to the mix. Use this phase well – it lasts a few days and doesn’t return for another month.

Wednesday 22, July

The Sun ignites your travel zone today and will remain in this part of your horoscope for the next four weeks. Of course, this can be a bit frustrating since getting on the road is challenging during the pandemic. But this phase is perfect for expanding your consciousness in other ways – search for new mentors, ideas, books and theories to help you explore the world from a distance.

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