These are the best gifts you can buy from Home Depot. (Photo: Home Depot)

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Home Depot is one of our favorite places to shop for tools and home improvement gadgets, but the site’s online website sells far more than tiles and wallpaper—it sells some of our favorite kitchen gadgets, 5-star bed sheets, and even a range of attractive home decor perfect for any home. 

We combed through the online Home Depot site to find the best gifts you can buy for everyone on your list, from the aspiring chef to your mother. Here are the best gifts you can buy from Home Depot this year. 

1. For literally anyone who sets foot in a kitchen: KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Best Home Depot gifts: KitchenAid Mixer (Photo: Reviewed / Kyle Looney)

This is our favorite stand mixer, which shouldn’t surprise you, because it’s everyone’s favorite stand mixer. You know it from Instagram, every baking show, and the kitchen of that one friend you’re super jealous of because you know they never bake and just bought it for the clout.

It’s been selling out like crazy this year so snag one now if you want to wrap one up for the holidays this year. This makes a great gift for anyone who loves baking as much as they love you. 

Get the KitchenAid Classic Series Stand Mixer with Tilt-Head from Home Depot for $259.99

2. For the soup lover: Lodge Enamelware Dutch Oven

Best Home Depot gifts: Lodge Dutch oven (Photo: Lodge)

The Lodge Dutch oven is our favorite affordable dutch oven. It’s exactly what you need to make lots of good soup this winter, and you don’t need to shell out $400 for a Le Creuset to get the best results.

There are a lot of great cookware brands out there, but Lodge is a personal favorite. The quality of the construction is always impeccable, the looks are always perfect, and the prices are always fair. It’s the perfect gift for any foodie who loves to stock their shelves with the greatest kitchen gadgets.

Get the Lodge Enamelware Dutch Oven in Red from Home Depot for $89.90

3. For the cord cutter: Roku Streaming Stick+

Best Home Depot gifts: Roku streaming stick (Photo: Reviewed / TJ Donegan)

The Roku Streaming Stick+ is one of our favorite streaming devices and it has thousands of 5-star reviews across the major retailers. This rave reception all comes down to the streamer’s simplicity.

The term “plug-and-play” was practically created for this streamer. It just has to be plugged into a TV and connected to Wi-Fi, and that’s it. And because it’s so small and easy to set up, it’s great for people who love to travel, or elderly relatives who want to stream, but need an easy-to-use set-up.

Get the Roku Streaming Stick+ from Home Depot for $59.99

4. For everyone who gets cold at night: Company Store Alberta Down Comforter

Best Home Depot gifts: Comforter (Photo: Alberta)

The colder it gets, the more blankets you need. Of course, the most comfortable blanket you have should be your comforter, which is where the Company Store Alberta Down Comforter comes in.

With its 300-thread count, this comforter is the height of luxury and will make your giftee feel like they’re sleeping in the fanciest hotel money could buy. It comes in three versions—light warmth, medium warmth, and extra warmth—so you can pick the best comforter to suit your giftee’s needs.

Get the Company Store Alberta Down Comforter from Home Depot for $439

5. For anyone who’s a fan of 2-in-1’s: Cuisinart Toaster Oven and Air Fryer 

Best Home Depot gifts: Air fryer (Photo: Cuisinart)

The thing about kitchen gadgets is that there’s too many of them and not everyone is a character in a Nora Ephron movie with a giant kitchen. So a lot of times people have to ask themselves if they want one device or another because of the relative lack of space. Well, the Cuisinart Toaster Oven and Air Fryer helps with that by combining two of the more popular kitchen staples.

This is one of the more popular kitchen tools you can get at Home Depot. After all, it’s better to save space and get double the functionality than buy your giftee two separate gadgets.

Get the Cuisinart Toaster Oven and Air Fryer from Home Depot for $199.55

6. For the playful one: Great Northern Vintage Gumball Machine

Best Home Depot gifts: Gumball machine (Photo: Great Northern)

This vintage gumball machine makes an incredible gift for anyone who loves collecting antiques, or—more likely—anyone with a playful personality. It looks great in kids’ rooms, home offices lined with Funko pops, and living rooms for anyone who loves collecting and sharing candy. 

Get the Great Northern Vintage Gumball Machine from Home Depot for $59

7. For the post-pandemic traveler: Olympia DENMARK Luggage Set

Most travel plans are on hold right now. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a giftee on your list who spends their days dreaming of traveling. 

The Olympia USA DENMARK Luggage Set is a popular option, boasting hundreds of five-star ratings. The hardshell can protect all your giftee’s goods and the vibrant color options will ensure that their bags stand out when they get to baggage claim.

Get the Olympia USA DENMARK Luggage Set from Home Depot for $500 

8. For anyone who needs a good night’s sleep: StyleWell Microfiber Sheets

Best Home Depot gifts: Sheets (Photo: Stylewell)

I’m of the firm opinion that sheets are a great gift. Most people don’t want to buy them (like your brother), but they’re a necessity. StyleWell is one of Home Depot’s more popular brands that specializes in making quality, affordable housewares. We tested these sheets and thought they were soft, cozy, and perfect for nearly any home. 

Get the StyleWell Microfiber Sheets from Home Depot for $22.97 

9. For the future Chopped champion: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Best Home Depot gifts: Ice cream maker (Photo: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar)

The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker will let your giftee practice for their own Chopped appearance. And beyond that, this makes soft-serve ice cream, which is the superior type of ice cream. It can also make yogurt, sherbert, and sorbet, so you can make all types of treats. Plus, it’s the best ice cream maker we’ve tested in our labs. 

Get the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker from Home Depot for $99.99 

10. For people enjoy scents as much as looks: Floor Mist Fountain

Best Home Depot gifts: Diffuser (Photo: X Brands)

We’ve recommended this diffuser before because it combines fashion and function so well. This isn’t just another aroma diffuser: it’s a nice decoration unto itself.

Essential oils can be used to waft different scents in a room, and there are LED lights to really bring the diffuser to life. This is the perfect gift for the person on your list who loves collecting candles and burning incense. 

Get the X Brand Floor Mist Fountain from Home Depot for $59.20

11. For home security experts: Ring Video Doorbell

Best Home Depot gifts: Ring doorbell (Photo: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy)

Ring is considered the best in class when it comes to video doorbells, making it one of the best gifts to get someone who just bought a new home. It provides HD video, night vision, and real-time notifications whenever someone’s at the door.

Get the Ring Video Doorbell from Home Depot for $99.99

12. For the baker: Pyrex Measuring Cup

Best Home Depot gifts: Pyrex measuring cup (Photo: Pyrex)

Pyrex is one of the most popular baking brands you can shop. The home baker on your list would love this measuring cup, which comes recommended by 98 percent of Home Depot customers. It handles both hot and cold liquids and helps chefs ensure their measurements are accurate while cooking. 

Get the Pyrex Measuring Cup from Home Depot for $18.80

13. For your farmhouse-loving friend: HomeSullivan Cowhide Throw Pillows

Best Home Depot gifts: Throw pillows (Photo: Home Sullivan)

Throw pillows are amazingly versatile decorations. They make great gifts for friends and family who love decorating their couches and chairs with the hottest new pillow designs. This pair of pillows holds a 4.6-star rating and is covered in a cowhide pattern. It would look great against leather couches or light chairs that could use a pop of personality. 

Get the HomeSullivan Cowhide Throw Pillows from Home Depot for $48.23

14. For the person you don’t know what to get: Praline Caramel Glass Candle

Best Home Depot gifts: Candle (Photo: Keepers of the Light)

A candle is the perfect gift to give someone you aren’t that close with, but still want to buy a gift for. It says, “I like you but we haven’t talked about hobbies or interests before.” Pralines and caramel are of course delicious and have great scents, making them wonderful for a candle. This is especially true if the recipient of this gift is trying to avoid sweets; at least now they’ll be able to smell them again.

Get the Keepers of the Light Praline Caramel Glass Candle from Home Depot for $23.99

15. For the smoothie lover: A Nutribullet

Best Home Depot gifts: Nutribullet (Photo: Ninja)

Know a smoothie lover? They’ll enjoy the Original NutriBullet, which has nearly 10,000 ratings at Home Depot. Nutribullet makes our favorite blender for smoothies, and this particular model comes with a plastic bottle perfect for blending fruits, vegetables, and more. 

Get the Ninja Nutri Blender from Home Depot for $59.99

16. For Guy Fieri wannabes: Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

Best Home Depot gifts: Deep fryer (Photo: Hamilton Beach)

There’s a lot of lies that people tell themselves in the kitchen, chief among them being that pan-fried food is good and worthwhile. It’s fine in some cases, but not when there’s a craving for something truly fried and juicy.

That’s where a deep fryer comes in. Your giftee could make actual fries with it instead of oiling potato slices in a pan and saying they’re fries. This deep fryer has a near-perfect rating at Home Depot and makes a great gift for the chef on your list. 

Get the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer from Home Depot for $69.99

17. For the craft lover: A sewing machine

Best Home Depot gifts: Sewing machine (Photo: Janome)

A sewing machine is a great gift to give avid crafters, especially if you’ve got anyone on your list who got into mask-making this year. This Jamone model is basic and user-friendly, making it great for beginners, but it’s heavy-duty enough for larger projects. Sewing machines have been popular this year as people fill their time with hobbies, so act fast to get one for the holidays.

Get the Janome Sewing Machine from Home Depot for $119.89

18. For the one who’s always cold: Company Store Cotton Quilts

Best Home Depot gifts: Quilt (Photo: The Company Store)

Blankets are perfect gifts for nearly anyone on your list, from your father-in-law to your brother. The Company Store Cotton Quilt is warm, cozy, and comfy—everything you could ask for in a blanket. It also manages to be quite light so there’s no worry about struggling with it like it’s a weighted blanket.

Get the Company Store Cotton Quilt from Home Depot for $169

19. For everyone who misses the movies: Vintage Popcorn Cart

Best Home Depot gifts: Popcorn machine (Photo: Nostalgia)

For cinephiles who miss getting a bag of popcorn and rushing to find a seat before the trailers started, this cart would be a tremendous gift. But remember that this is a sizable popcorn machine so make sure the intended recipient has the space for it.

Get the Nostalgia Vintage Popcorn Cart from Home Depot for $179.99

20. For the one who needs a little luxury: Company Store Bathrobe

Best Home Depot gifts: Robe (Photo: The Company Store)

Everyone should have a robe. Wearing a robe after a shower or just to lounge around on a cold day is a luxury anyone could give themselves but few do. The Company Store’s robe averages a 4.4-star rating, showing that many of its buyers are warm and happy. It’s the ideal gift for mom, grandma, or—let’s be honest—yourself.

Get the Company Store Robe from Home Depot for $69.61

21. For pizza chefs: Farberware Pizza Pan

Best Home Depot gifts: Pizza pan (Photo: Farberware)

The Farberware Pizza Pan is a must-have for home chefs that make their own pizza—100% of its customers recommend it, after all. This pizza pan is a great, affordable gift for any cook on your list, especially if you can combine it with some high-quality pizza toppings, like local cheeses and cured meats. 

Get the Farberware Steel Pizza Pan from Home Depot for $14.99

22. For the one who hasn’t bought new towels in a while: StyleWell Towel Set

Best Home Depot gifts: Towels (Photo: Stylewell)

Towels may seem like a strange gift, but if you buy a high-quality set, your giftee will be jumping for joy. StyleWell’s 18-piece set has 435 five-star reviews out of 535 total ratings, giving it a 4.6 average. The low-lint build is particularly great to see so a dryer’s lint trap won’t be overwhelmed too much. Plus, they’re incredibly soft, so you can rest easy knowing your giftee will be drying in comfort. 

Get the StyleWell Towel Set from Home Depot for $74.91

23. For the multifaceted cook: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Best Home Depot gifts: Cast iron skillet (Photo: Lodge)

This cast-iron skillet is the only thing your giftee really needs in the kitchen. Put it in the oven, on the grill, on a burger, it’ll work great. It can be used to bake cookies, make pizza, sear fish, saute potatoes, and everything in between. This is perfect. 

Get the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet from Home Depot for $19.90

24. For anyone who wants to save time: A rice cooker

Best Home Depot gifts: Rice cooker (Photo: Hamilton Beach)

We love a good rice cooker, especially ones that get rice perfectly fluffy and warm. What’s excellent about this Hamilton Beach model is that it’s also good for cooking other grains, so it’d be helpful even if you were looking to add more quinoa to your diet instead of rice.

Get the Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Rice Cooker from Home Depot for $39.99

25. For anyone who needs better sleep: A memory foam pillow

Best Home Depot gifts: Pillow (Photo: Tempur-Pedic)

Tempur-Pedic’s memory foam pillow might not be as fun as its stuffed bear, but it’s still a great gift. And the recipient could still cuddle it every night if they wanted to.

A good pillow can lead to a great night’s sleep, and few people replace their pillows frequently enough. If Tempur-Pedic is trusted with mattresses, it’s time to trust them with pillows too.

Get the Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow from Home Depot for $189

26. For stressed people: A weighted blanket

Best Home Depot gifts: Weighted blanket (Photo: SensorPedic)

Weighted blankets are having a moment this year. While many of them are simply designed, the SensorPedic blanket stands because it looks like a regular blanket at first glance.

Unlike most weighted blankets, this one has a plaid plush side and a soft sherpa-lined side so it’s as soft as a non-weighted blanket. As a bonus, both of these can be removed from the weighted portion for easy cleaning.

Get the SensorPedic Weighted Blanket from Home Depot for $58.37

27. For people with small kitchens: An immersion blender

Best Home Depot gifts: Immersion blender (Photo: Cuisinart)

Large blenders like the Ninja Nutri Blender are great for people who have the counter space for them. For everyone who has a galley kitchen, something like the Cuisinart Immersion Blender is the right answer.

An immersion does all the same things as a regular blender with a much smaller profile. It could even be argued that this is the superior soup-cooking tool because it can blender ingredients directly in the pot so there’s no large glass container to clean after dinner.

Get the Cuisinart Immersion Blender from Home Depot for $59.95

28. For the sole coffee drinker in the house: Keurig Single Serve and Carafe Coffee Maker

Best Home Depot gifts: Keurig (Photo: Keurig)

Know a giftee who’s the only one in the household drinking coffee? Keurig has them covered with its K Duo Single Serve and Carafe Coffee Maker. Using both K-cups and ground coffee, it can be used to make a single serving of coffee or a carafe of 12 cups. While the former option might get the most everyday use, the latter would be great whenever there are guests over.

Get the Keurig K Duo Single Serve and Carafe Coffee Maker from Home Depot for $199.99

29. For the healthy eater: A food dehydrator

Best Home Depot gifts: Food dehydrator (Photo: Nesco)

Most ovens don’t have low enough temperature settings to properly dehydrate foods, meaning something like the Nesco Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator is a great tool for a lot of people to have. This dehydrator can be quite useful for any health-conscious giftee looking to make their own kale chips or dehydrated apple slices.

Get the Nesco Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator from Home Depot for $104.99

30. For people who don’t want to admit that it’s sweater season: StyleWell Sweater Throw Blanket

Best Home Depot gifts: Throw (Photo: Stylewell)

This StyleWell throw blanket is like a sweater in a blanket—perfect for any giftee with ane expansive sweater (or blanket) collection. One side is knit like a sweater and the other is a soft plus, so now they’ll only have to choose which side they want facing out.

Get the StyleWell Oversized Sweater Knit Midnight Sherpa Throw Blanket from Home Depot for $20.98

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