15 tips for hosting a virtual offsite for your remote team

It was January 2020 and our 140+ team had just gathered in a large hotel conference room for another one of our bi-annual offsites. Ahead lay the whole day and night of strategic team alignment and most importantly — relationship building.

Today, several months and hundreds of Zoom calls later, all this seems like a luxury. 

Our whole personal and professional lives seem to have moved online, and so have our company meetings and events. 

But even within the boundaries of the online world, it is possible to pull off an impactful company event.

Our first ever fully remote offsite that we recently ran in our company has seen truly positive feedback from our colleagues, along with a wonderful 5.4/6 in a feedback survey.

To inspire you, here are the 15 steps we took in planning and facilitating this full-day virtual event.


1. Cut the agenda in half 

Compared to meeting in a physical space, virtual offsite is a whole new game. Online, people’s attention is much more susceptible to dropping, so not overcomplicating the agenda is key here.

Keep it simple and short. For instance, we replaced our usual full-day-long program with only three 60-minute content blocks.

We started with the most information-heavy session on the company strategy in the morning when the team was still fresh, which was then continued after a longer break. We finished off the main program with an interactive Q&A session that was fully driven by our team’s questions.

This is what our agenda looked like in overview: