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Your Horoscope This Week: February 28, 2021

With the full moon in Virgo just behind us, it’s not unlikely that we’ll still be feeling all those full moon feelings. Full moons have big reputations, and this one was no exception. In fact, in addition to whatever we might think about full moons astrologically, Feb 26 marked the beginning of New Lunar Year or, Tết, the year of the ox. While it’s not especially graceful to map the lessons of the ox onto westernized astrology, it’s useful to recognize how a moon that witnesses celebrations in her name and receives offerings is a spiritually potent celestial body. To understand how a full moon in Virgo might affect you specifically, it’s useful to find out where it lands in your natal chart and what other planets it might aspect. For something a little looser, it’s worth reading for your rising sign in particular! Aries Sun & Aries RisingThe week following the full moon finds you toggling between the obligations you’ve made and the dream projects you just want to get back to. The muddy waters of Pisces season sure don’t help matters much, casting a honeyed light on any dreaming space, whether that be a bed, an easel, or the arms of a lover who hasn’t yet shown you their humanity. Sometimes, the best way to show up for your commitments and the people to whom you made them is to honor your need for dream space. If you’re feeling stressed, then set time aside specifically for imagining — just you and your daydreams right in the middle of the day.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoTaurus Sun & Taurus RisingYou don’t have to earn pleasure, you know, you can simply have it the way some people have water when they’re thirsty. Sure, we all know you have a reputation for leaning heavily towards resplendence and reclining, but you tend to pair indulgences with a heavy dose of impossibly high standards for yourself, like a workhorse with a velvet rein. This week, if you find yourself trying to justify what brings you rest, doing a quick account of your hours and earning power, resist! Trust that you’ve made enough to earn a night on the couch — or even a day! Rather than scrutinizing your productivity, focus on what you produce when money isn’t the driving force.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoGemini Sun & Gemini RisingIt’s not bad to want the familiar, to bury yourself in bed with an animal and call it a day. The week following the full moon will have you yearning for creature comforts and familiar places, even if the form they take has less to do with setting and more to do with the people that help you feel at home. These impulses might appear a little counter to your ambitions this month, your plan to put yourself out there and open a few new doors for yourself. In reality, you’ll find that taking a few chances, or even some risks, and putting yourself out there emotionally is a lot less daunting when you’re doing it from a place where you feel secure and supported — even if what you’re doing is writing pitches from your blanket fort!Illustration by Stefhany LozanoCancer Sun & Cancer RisingAlmost no one practices what they preach 100 percent of the time. Especially when they’re feeling vulnerable or when the circumstances encourage everything but. It’s unattainable to feel confident about different parts of yourself when everything around you wants you to believe the opposite — even if you’re part of so-called radical circles. In fact, being part of communities that preach one kind of ethos but rarely exhibit that belief in practice is all the more disorienting. It’s hard to know why we’re uneasy when people around us claim that they’re invested in our ease… and yet. You forgive people you respect, don’t you, for their moments of weakness? Shouldn’t your practice of respect for yourself and your growth include the same kind of grace and relativity? Illustration by Stefhany LozanoLeo Sun & Leo RisingWhen you’re used to extremes it’s hard to make your way out of them. It’s easier to say that you’re tired of the way a situation makes you feel and harder to account for the fact that you keep choosing the situation. What if, this week, instead of figuring out whether you want to jump in the deep end — or never swim again — you take some time to soberly sit with what that kind of decision-making does for you? What draws you to connections or commitments that bring up equal parts self-protective avoidance and self-effacing attachment? You don’t need to come to any conclusions and you certainly don’t need to run away from them, either. What’s important is trying your best to see your emotional world as a system, and to start recognizing that it’s a system of which you’re an active part.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoVirgo Sun & Virgo RisingThe week following the full moon in your sign might find you struggling to keep the balance between what you do for work and what you do to feel like a part of your community — assuming that there’s some separation there. If they’re one and the same, consider the fact that the people who said “do what you love” weren’t expected to be “productive” doing what they claimed to “love” during a world-wide crisis. Of course, you’re bound to keep all the balls in the air — you always find a way — but at what cost? When you’re done juggling and have time to reflect, consider this: While self-satisfaction is a worthy feeling to chase, it’s fleeting. Do a little less, take rests that don’t include other people, open yourself to a quiet day.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoLibra Sun & Libra RisingWhen we feel unsettled or out of sorts, it’s hard to keep things straight. Dates, plans, the contracts we make with others, the fine print starts to blur. An error can be the universe giving you an easy out, or it can be a complete fluke. What’s important is recognizing that we make more missteps when we don’t feel steady. And, it’s hard not to feel disappointed. Disappointment is a valid feeling and if you listen to it carefully you can learn a lot about yourself. Disappointment is proof, for instance, that you have expectations and attachments, which are signs of self-love. Disappointment can teach you what you desire for yourself and, if you don’t discount it or push it down, it can teach others what you need to feel respected and cared for.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoScorpio Sun & Scorpio RisingHope isn’t something most of us can just drum up. It’s a feeling, yes, but it’s also a practice. You build it up slowly and you try your best to pin it to something that can stand the test of time. Sometimes hope doesn’t look like what you’d expect, so you have to leave space for the possibility that any number of things could nurture hope in you. This week, when you long for that big feeling that there’s something good on the horizon, some benevolent force that can get you from here to there, try to remember what helped you access that feeling as a child. For instance, perhaps you drew a great deal and imagined your future with the images you made. It would serve you well, then, to give the child within you some free drawing time. Whatever comes closest to those first practices of hope is more than good enough for now. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoSagittarius Sun & Sagittarius RisingMaybe, for as long as you can remember, you’ve been in the “fake it ’til you make it” hustle. Even if, truth be told, you faked it very little of the time. In fact, despite your persistent fear of never measuring up, you trained yourself well enough to not only measure up to, but also surpass many of your peers. What is it, then, that holds you back from feeling like you earned your place? Could there be something comforting in continuing to perceive of yourself as somehow less equipped or qualified? This week finds you with plenty of opportunities to step into your full capacity in whatever position you’re in. Take the challenge, Sagittarius. You’ll find that the more you allow yourself to feel like you’re in the right place, the more right that place will feel. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoCapricorn Sun & Capricorn RisingIt appears that what’s worked for you before just isn’t going smoothly these days. Of course, by sheer determination alone, you can and will get to the end of whatever track you’re running on before switching over to a surprisingly similar-looking track. But, aren’t you tired? Don’t you want to find another way to go about things, one that doesn’t ultimately leave you feeling physically and emotionally destroyed? Of course you do! And, I’m sure if you were here you’d say something like: “If I could I would.” Well, what if there were some things you didn’t know you could do? What if, to get better at what’s seemingly familiar, you have to get a little uncomfortable? You’re never too old to learn something new, dear Capricorn, and you’re certainly far from done with your lessons. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoAquarius Sun & Aquarius RisingIt turns out that Ashanti was right: Dreams are real, and all you have to do is just believe. The first step is both the hardest and simplest part — the one where you acknowledge what you want and give yourself permission to want it. Of course there’s magic in it, how could there not be? Even more so if you write it down and give it a name. A name gives something life and repeating it makes it an incantation. This week, when you feel a vision knocking on the door of your mind, let it in. Get to know it and its needs. What would it take for that vision to come to life? Why not now? These days, you’ll find that you have more time than you know what to do with. You can spend it practically, you can spend it wisely, or you can spend it making magic.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoPisces Sun & Pisces RisingI promise you I’m not trying to sound like anyone’s parent but, wouldn’t you feel a little better if you cleaned your room? Well, maybe not your literal room (although it couldn’t hurt), but rather the rooms you call your own, the rooms you make with other people, and the rooms you inhabit when you work and create. Maybe it’s time to sort things out and label them for good measure. Feeling free and unencumbered might have led you down this path, but the feelings you developed along the way are what have kept you here and weighed you down. Why not call it what it is and put things to right? You’ll feel better when you can see the floor beneath you and recognize the shape of things. You’ll feel better when the air has space to flow past you, even if that might mean storing some things away for a different season or giving them away altogether.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Obsessed With Astrology? Thank TikTok — & COVIDWhat Does The Full Moon In Virgo Mean?The Grand Earth Trine Will Change Everything

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