Your Leo Monthly Horoscope for October

From Cosmopolitan

Add these dates to your GCal rn:

  • October 1: Full Moon in Aries

  • October 13: Mercury Retrograde begins

  • October 16: New Moon in Libra

  • October 22: Sun enters Scorpio

  • October 31: Full Moon in Taurus

Let’s cut to the chase: You’re antsy AF! Your bags have been packed since, like, March—and, frankly, you’re over it! But chill out, Leo. You’ll be delighted to know that, during the Full Moon in Aries on October 1, you’re likely to receive some very exciting news that spells adventure. Sure, it might be a bit more ~virtual~ than you envisioned, but remember that not all explorations require a passport. Don’t be afraid to launch a new hobby, start a creative venture, or even expand on your passions by enrolling in an online class. Under this sky, let your curiosity be your guide!

But you may want to make sure you figure out the technical aspects of your pursuits prior to October 13 because—you guessed it—that’s the day Mercury goes retrograde. Yup, the headaches are back…but make yourself a nice cup of relaxing herbal tea and try to relax. By this point, you know the drill: Proofread every message, anticipate technological meltdowns, and avoid swiping your credit card on any impulse purchases. Just sprinkle a little ~mindfulness~ into your day-to-day and you’ll be just fine!

On October 16, the New Moon in Libra will blanket the sky, infusing your day-to-day experiences with powerful insight. You want to connect with your peers…but how can you stay “in the know” without starting unnecessary drama? Here’s the deal, Leo: Not all conversations need to revolve around gossip. Under this sky, practice participating in a thoughtful, productive way. How can you use your unique skills and abilities to make the world a better place? Mid-month, you may find yourself shifting your output to reflect your expanded perspective—this is a beautiful thing!

Scorpio season kicks off on October 22 and, for you, this Sun’s motion will illuminate the area of your chart associated with foundation and structure. I know you want to succeed—and you will!—but over the next few weeks, make sure your roots are firmly planted in the ground. Consider your background: Where did you come from? What’s your origin story? Are you honoring your ancestors? Breaking toxic cycles? Healing intergenerational wounds? These are big concepts, Leo, and they’ll require time to unpack. Give yourself permission to slow down. After all, before you write your best-selling memoir, you need to outline the narrative!

Boo! Did I scare you? Probably not…but the Full Moon in Taurus (on literally Halloween) might! But don’t worry, you’ll be startled for the best reasons. On October 31, this electric lunation will shine a radiant light into your professional sector. Oh, you thought this holiday was about playing pretend? Nope, this year, it’s the real deal! Your career is about to change in a big way. Whether you’re getting a promotion, switching jobs, or launching a new professional venture, treat this Full Moon like a green light: It’s a “yes” from the cosmos!

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