WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: New Covid Strain Can’t Overturn Bullish Narrative Yet, Nursing Homes, Meditation

Here’s a market forecast: 2021 will be hard to predict.

At the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, investors and bank strategists put out public prognostications for what would happen in the markets, but 2020’s combination was so unusual it was missed, it seems, by everyone.

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Why Many Bosses Won’t Require Workers to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine: Some of America’s largest businesses say they will encourage — but not mandate — employees to get Covid-19 vaccines, using a mix of incentives and consequences to ensure as many workers as possible are inoculated.


New Covid-19 Strain Can’t Overturn Bullish Market Narrative Yet: Selloff in risky assets is predictable reaction to coronavirus strain, but for now the news doesn’t justify a more negative outlook.


From Dow Jones Newswires

The U.S. economy won’t fall into a second recession despite the rise in new Covid-19 cases across the country, Christoph Balz, senior economist at Commerzbank, says. With the new $900 billion coronavirus relief package, the U.S. economy will receive another boost in 1Q and progress on vaccination should help to keep the recovery on track thereafter, he says. ([email protected])

The spread of a more contagious virus strain in the U.K. and the disruptions to cross-border transport add to the near-term downside risks for the economy, Holger Schmieding, chief economist at Berenberg, says. More parts of the country will likely have to be in a harsher lockdown for longer and, unless the transport routes are reopened again shortly, there could be occasional supply shortages, he says. “In a way, it could be a foretaste of potential border disruptions of a no-deal hard exit from the EU single market,” Schmieding says. ([email protected])


The World’s Largest Sovereign-Wealth Fund Weighs a More Active Approach: Three months into running Norway’s $1.3 trillion fund, Nicolai Tangen grapples with public scrutiny and joins the active versus passive debate.


Companies’ Internal Auditors Test Earlier for Covid-Related, Other Risks: The departments tasked with assessing corporate risks are dealing with a wider range of them.


Covid Spurs Families to Shun Nursing Homes, a Shift That Appears Long Lasting: Fearing infection and isolation, relatives are turning to home care as new services make that option more possible for many.


Less Meeting, More Meditation: Finding the right (remote) work-life balance takes work, CIOs find.


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