December 9, 2021


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Why Nintendo Switch Online Should Continue Adding Obscure NES and SNES Games

Nintendo Switch Online is a must-have service for every one who owns Nintendo’s highly successful console-handheld hybrid. Not only does it let you play online, it also comes with an entire library of games from the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Whether you’re a bona fide ‘80s or ‘90s kid who grew up with these titles, or if you’re a staunch Nintendo fan that loves to dig into the history of their franchises, these retro games are a ton of fun and are constantly expanding every other month.

Though, that’s where the main issue lies, as fans can get a little antsy when it comes to the selection of games that are added. Sometimes we’ll get Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES, other times we’ll get S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team for the NES.


This is particularly painful when the Japanese version of this service can get some amazing exclusive games, like Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Shin Megami Tensei I & II. While it is easy to lament on all the good games that we might be missing out on, we’re here to defend some of these oddball choices and highlight some of the games you should check out.

For starters, as much as we would all love to get the classic Final Fantasy games or cult-classics like Earthbound, most of the games that cemented the NES and SNES legacies are all accounted for. Super Mario Bros. 1 to World, Metroid, the Donkey Kong Country Games, they’re all available for fans to enjoy.


But one can’t simply ignore the other, more obscure titles that have fallen by the wayside. These middling games are still a part of the NES and SNES experience, and you’ll be surprised to find a number of hidden gems along the way. Here are a few that we think you should try out for yourself.

Fire and Ice


The sequel to Solomon’s Key, this puzzle game has you eliminating every enemy on the screen by creating and manipulating blocks of ice. It’s definitely a total brain teaser and any wrong move can make you restart the puzzle all over again. Thankfully, the Switch version lets you rewind the game at any time, which really makes this game worth completing.

City Connection


This game is simplicity at its finest, as it is an arcade game where you control a race car through multiple levels. The objective is to paint the road beneath you, with the player progressing once every road on every platform is painted the same colour. Players must do this while being in hot pursuit from the police. It’s antiquity is definitely the charm of City Connection.



Amazingly, this is a comic-book like, crime noir point-and-click adventure for the NES, which is pretty rare considering the NES’ capabilities. The majority of the game has you checking out various areas for clues and points of interests, but when you encounter an enemy, the game turns into a beat ‘em up. The rewind and bookmark saving that the NSO version provides makes this game a lot more bearable.

Prehistorik Man


While this game is no Joe and Mac, the premier caveman video game for the SNES, Prehistorik Man is surprisingly full of charm and is a pretty fun and unconventional platformer. It has elements of an adventure game, as you must interact with NPCs and explore nonlinear levels to do fetch quests. The cartoony graphics is also a highlight of this hidden gem.

Operation Logic Bomb


This top-down shooter is a great replacement of the Contra games, albeit with the absence of a two-player mode. Nonetheless, Operation Logic Bomb is a fun game to go through. It’s full of action and nails that futuristic look that the ’90s was just chock full of. If you’re looking for a game to just mindlessly shoot through, look no further than this game.

Wild Guns


Now, if you want a competent and fun co-op shooter, then Wild Guns is perfect for you. Taking place in a futuristic take oof the wild west, this game is a precursor to the modern third-person shooter, which combines side scrolling shooters with light gun elements. The awesome spritework is also one of the SNES’ best, with every character and enemy really popping out of the screen.

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