Here’s a look at a top 10 list of all-time Phoenix Suns favorites based on fans feedback.

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After determining four all-time favorite Suns, based on fan feedback, here’s a voting breakdown as Steve Nash was a clear-cut No. 1 followed by Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson and Amar’e Stoudemire.

Editor’s note: Phoenix Suns/NBA insider Duane Rankin wanted to find out who the favorite Phoenix Suns  of all-time are, according to fans. He received plenty of feedback. His series about those players can be found on Here, he explains how he ranked the top fan favorites and suggests how a starting lineup might look.

This is an impressive collection of talent.

Star power. Role players. 

Makes you wonder: Who would start off this list of all-time favorite Phoenix Suns players?

Before making those challenging decisions, here’s a breakdown of the voting I used to determine the four all-time favorite Suns, which was based on fan feedback provided by readers of The Arizona Republic and The Top 10 rankings were determined by a points system, which is explained below.

Cotton Fitzsimmons picks up Charles Barkley at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in 1992. (Photo: Paul F. Gero/azcentral sports)

  1. Steve Nash – 86 mentions (29 first place) 257 total points.
  2. Charles Barkley – 55 mentions (23 first place) 164 total points.
  3. Kevin Johnson – 32 mentions (10 first place) 89 total points.
  4. Amar’e Stoudemire – 37 mentions (5 first place) 79 total points.
  5. Shawn Marion – 29 mentions (7 first place) 74 total points.
  6. Devin Booker – 37 mentions (1 first place) 65 total points.
  7. Dan Majerle – 21 mentions (3 first place) 49 total points.
  8. Walter Davis – 21 mentions (3 first place) 45 total points.
  9. Connie Hawkins – 11 mentions (8 first place) 40 total points.
  10. Paul Westphal – 12 mentions (6 first place) 39 total points.

The responses were broken down this way: 1st mention, (4 points) 2nd mention (3 points), 3rd mention (2 points), 4th mention (1 point).

So, if a fan named Nash, Stoudemire, Barkley and Goran Dragic in that order, Nash receives four points, Stoudemire three, Barkley two and Dragic one.


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The 100-plus responses were taken from replies to my tweets about all-time favorites Suns, comments on The Republic’s AZ Central Sports Facebook post about the series, emails and comments on the first four stories in the series.

As for picking a starting five, how about this for starters?

Amare Stoudemire, Steve Nash and Shawn Marion are among the best first-round picks in Suns history. (Photo: azcentral sports)

  • PG –  Nash. Gets everyone involved, protects the ball and knocks down 3s.
  • SG –  Booker. Elite score, can catch fire and like Nash, automatic from the line.
  • SF –  Marion. Glue guy, defends, does the dirty work and runs the floor.
  • PF –  Barkley. Scorer, rebounder and go-player in the half-court set.
  • C –  Stoudemire. Devastating in pick-and-roll with Nash, rim runner and finisher.

Johnson, Davis, Westphal, Majerle and Hawkins would make a strong second unit, but you could also start Majerle at the three and have Marion come off the bench to spell Barkley at the four.

This was fun. I’m on vacation this week. Stay safe. 

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