What the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Means for Your Zodiac Sign

By now you may have heard the buzz about Jupiter and Saturn aligning on the winter solstice, December 21, 2020. This event, which astrologers call The Great Conjunction, happens every twenty years—but 2020’s event is extra special since Jupiter and Saturn haven’t been this close since 1623! As this heavenly duo dances in tighter formation than a pre-breakup Charli and Chase, there will appear to be a single bright star in the sky—no telescope required!

Limitless Jupiter and restrictive Saturn make bizarro bedfellows. When they combine their paradoxical powers, it can bring the perfect checks and balances. Enterprising, can-do Jupiter wants us to boldly leap into adventure. Cautionary, stabilizing Saturn provides the structural blueprint to ensure that we don’t gamble away our life savings on some risky venture. Jupiter is the gas; Saturn is the brakes. We need both, obviously, to get anywhere, and together, they can get us to the perfect velocity.

Change will be part of the equation, so forget about clinging to the past. In 2020, the red-spotted planet greets its ringed neighbor at 0º29″ Aquarius, the sign of progress and community. Zero degrees of Aquarius is a significant digit! In the major arcana of the tarot, zero represents The Fool card, a daringly optimistic figure who is ready to leap into the realm of limitless possibilities. That’s the energy you’ll want to harness as you celebrate the holiday season of 2020.

This also ends a long spell of Great Conjunctions in earth signs (the last one was in Taurus in 2000), as we move into a series in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) for the next 150 years. As oceans fill with plastic and carbon emissions heat the air and melt the ice caps, we are getting clear signs that our planet can no longer sustain the systematic expansion that has occurred under the last 200 years of earth-sign Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions. Air signs, on the other hand, are associated with scientific and intellectual developments, technology and interpersonal relationship. From space travel to communal spaces, 2020’s Great Conjunction in Aquarius sets us up for two decades where life could become more sci-fi and more cottagecore “back to the land” simultaneously. (For the record, we count both as progress.) Carried on the wings of liberated Aquarius, the winds of revolution are gathering speed.

Jupiter and Saturn will co-pilot through Aquarius for most of 2021 (except for May 13 to July 28) so think of The Great Conjunction as a launch pad for the coming year. While Jupiter can be impatient, slowpoke Saturn is the ruler of time, pacing the whole process. Sometimes it will be a marathon, sometimes you’ll need to sprint. Here’s where you can already start directing your future-focused energy this December 21.




With the Great Conjunction going down in your community-spirited eleventh house, you’ll be casting for a dream team, both live and virtually. Say goodbye to your solo star schtick as you get involved with people who share your ideals. Activism, plant medicine, technology startups—whatever stimulates your higher consciousness will be right up your alley. At the same time, recognize that great minds don’t necessarily think alike. You’ll welcome the cacophony of voices as long as their coming from free-thinking intellectuals. Already part of a conscientious supergroup? You could take on a more prominent role, but not necessarily as the leader. In the year ahead, you may prefer to be an organizer instead of a mouthpiece. Think of yourself as “crew glue,” the one that keeps the band together through thick and thin. Some Rams could create your own intentional community—with a new URL or a literal piece of land!




#MogulMode! With worldly Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn setting off sparks in your tenth house of career, could make epic strides toward in your professional life—yes even in “this” economy. Or, you may find gainful employment at an international firm, interfacing via webcam with colleagues in different time zones. The tenth house rules men and fathers. With Jupiter refreshing your perspective and Saturn bringing the wisdom of maturity, you could heal some old pain around your dad—or the cultural impact of toxic masculinity. This is also a call to celebrate the “divine masculine,” which is the healthy expression of male energy that doesn’t include domination, ego or force. As the year winds down, make a point of surrounding yourself with guys you admire and respect. They will be among your greatest allies in 2021! With all the important people in your life, begin discussions about the future. Are your goals aligned? Is there an adventure on your shared bucket list that you’ve always wanted to pursue? It might involve relocating, taking a workshop or even starting a business together. Explore!




An epic adventure awaits as The Great Conjunction hits your ninth house of worldwide expansion, the higher mind and adventure. This could involve relocating to a new city, traveling by RV for a semester or journeying intellectually through virtual schooling. Entrepreneurial ventures could blast off, bringing major profits in 2021. Gemini influencer and media mavens could be launched to luminary status! Decadent Jupiter is right at home in the ninth house, so you’ll get a double dose of hedonistic and caution-to-the-wind vibes near December 21. This can be a powerful moment for taking decisive action around your dreams. While Saturn restrains your appetite, it also adds clout and stamina. One of your wilder ideas may actually gain traction, even if it seems wildly extra. If you’re dreaming of going big, you’ll have the follow-through to turn your visions into reality. Strike the word “impossible” from your vocabulary—it has no place there now.




From the boardroom to the bedroom, The Great Conjunction will remind you that yes, you can have it all. This pairing of planetary opposites can fine-tune your “picker,” guiding you to relationships that deliver security and excitement in equal measure. And you might just find that “total package” near December 21. While Jupiter sizzles with the promise of erotic adventure, Saturn helps you keep a clear-heeled pump on earth. After all, do you really want to be linked for life with that person, Cancer? If you’re feeling the love, you could take things to a more permanent level. Already “all in” with your boo? This tide-turning moment brings the post-honeymoon period, when lives merge and you realize: There’s no turning back! But if your heart is still sending out lukewarm signals, this watershed day may herald a breakup. It’s all or nothing now. Got some end-of-year business to plow through? With this laser-focused zone activated, you could get wrapped up in an all-consuming project, one that requires rapt attention to detail. Financial investments could pay off handsomely. This is a fortuitous time to raise a round of capitol, get a book or record deal, or formalize a business partnership that gives you access to incredible resources.

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Make it a double, Leo! Since the Great Conjunction sparkles in your seventh house of relationships, there may soon be a qualified royal who is warming your adjacent throne. Best of all, you’ll magnetize that ideal energetic blend of excitement and stability. Hot! Global Jupiter spurs you to journey, which could lead you to a long-distance relationship or a cross-cultural connection in your own neck of the woods. When the chemistry is this potent, what are a few miles or time zones between you? Your WhatsApp and FaceTime could be on heavy rotation, perhaps also due to a business opportunity that arrives from afar. Meanwhile, pragmatic Saturn keeps you from going off the romantic rails. Give up the rescue missions, Leo, and find a partner who’s ready to be a royal (not an amphibian) now. Coupled Lions could feel a renewed zeal as the “attractive opposites” of adventurous Jupiter and master planner Saturn connect. What’s next on the co-creation bucket list? The Great Conjunction provides that sensible burst of momentum whether you’re planning a wedding, a family, shopping for a love nest or starting a YouTube channel together. Whatever the project, you’ll love building with your boo!




With the Great Conjunction landing in your salubrious sixth house, you could get a wakeup call to take better care of yourself and to find a healthier work-life balance. Ignoring or neglecting your physicality is no longer an option. Cut out stress, ask for help (and allow yourself to receive it!) and treat your body the temple it is. While Saturn lends discipline, Jupiter pours rocket fuel in your tanks. If you’ve fallen off the wellness wagon, this driven duo will hoist you back on. Get your heartbeat up in the winter wonderland: Try snowshoeing or skiing, become the ice queen of an outdoor rink. If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, you’ll get back in sync with your earth sign nature. At work, Saturn helps you put savvy systems in place so you can enjoy the blossoming that Jupiter brings without burning out! Virgos could work with contractors and consultants all over the world this year, from Melbourne to Mumbai. Or maybe you’ll live the digital nomad dream. There could be worse things than producing online content from a remote workstation perched on an overlook with ocean views, right?




Don ye now the sequined apparel—if only to sparkle on a Livestream. After a year (or three!) of domestic bliss, you’ll emerge from the cozy confines of your casa as The Great Conjunction powers up your fifth house of fame, glamour and true romance. Even if you’ve made (and refined) your “My Soulmate” manifestation list 100 times, worldly Jupiter could expand your palette even further. Long-distance might be worth a try, even for tactile Libras. A cross-cultural click could be too potent to ignore. Of course, the party season won’t be a full-on rager as 2020 winds down. But you, Libra, shall pick up the entertainment director’s baton for the coming year. Our prediction? Virtual events are about to get a high-end upgrade! With outré Jupiter and classic Saturn teamed up in this stylish realm of your solar chart, you could also resume your mantle as the zodiac’s sartorial royal. Dress as if your “major moment” could happen at any time (because it could). Creatively, you’re on fire. Saturn brings the sensible solutions; Jupiter delivers the visionary ideas. You could make a mint selling your wares or getting paid as an influencer. Romantically, The Great Conjunction could herald all kinds of incredible developments, from a meant-to-be meeting of lovers to a bold next step with your long-term love.

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Rework your formula for domestic bliss as the Great Conjunction drops anchor in your fourth house of home and family. Whether you stay put in your beloved home, invest in real estate, or turn the focus to your body (AKA your soul’s address here on Earth), you need your space to feel like The Scorpio Sanctuary. Remember this: Wherever you go, there you are. While it’s true that your environment and the surrounding culture have influence, this year-long Saturn-Jupiter in Aquarius cycle will be about fortifying your inner world. Developing a meditation or breathwork practice (or both) is a time-tested way of coming home to yourself, even when there is chaos swirling all around you. Decisions surrounding family, financial security and domestic bliss could take on added gravitas. Since Saturn rules time and history, and you could feel a bit melancholy about how quickly the years are passing. That’s more reason to cherish those moments with your nearest and dearest, but also make some new ones, guided by Jupiter’s adventurousness. Working with family or starting a home-based business could bring untold success. Endeavors that benefit women could also accelerate!




Join forces for the win! As your ruling planet, jovial Jupiter, and Saturn flood your third house of dynamic duos and communication with their combined energy, two is your magic number! But no handshake deals please, Archer. With weighty Saturn and risk-taking Jupiter aligned here, you could turn your tag-team effort into something official. Have an attorney draft a contract and expect to negotiate back and forth a bit before you get it all hammered out. This isn’t just for longevity’s sake, but also for self-protection. The deals you make near December 21 will come with added gravitas, and you need to make sure your rights and intellectual property are covered…yes, even if your other half is a sibling or dear friend. An existing partnership could reach a crossroads. Should you follow Jupiter’s guidance and leap towards a new, shared future? Or would it be better to slow things way down under prudent Saturn’s advisement? Maybe there’s a middle ground here, one that involves taking a risk, hand in hand, but making sure you have some semblance of a plan in place for this next phase of the game. With your communication house lit, writers, broadcasters and media-minded Sagittarians will flourish. Step up to the mic, Sagittarius, whether you’re doing stand-up comedy or teaching an online workshop in your area of expertise.




Keep your mind on your money as Jupiter and Saturn combine their superpowers in your second house of values and financial foundations. It’s a popular saying among the Law of Attraction crowds that “the roots create the fruits.” If you’ve been a persistent Goat, building your platform on a sturdy structure—without sacrificing your ethics—The Great Conjunction could yield a well-deserved windfall. Jupiter amplifies everything it touches. Saturn is the lord of karma and can bring stability and success to long-term missions. If you’ve taken shortcuts on the path to abundance, this cosmic pairing will expose fault lines, necessitating repair work. Get ahead of that potential pitfall! Rip out the metaphoric asbestos and remove that lead paint ASAP. Yes, this damage control may require an annoying investment of time and resources. But it’s better than having to pay fines or an inflated rate for emergency repairs because you ignored the problem. Playing the professional long game? Consider taking a part-time bridge job so you can keep the lights on while you build your empire after hours and on weekends. Or maybe this will be the prompt you need to set up a crowdfunding campaign or talk to your inner circle about being angel investors. Be savvy, smart and strategic, but also willing to leap into a bigger league. A well-calculated risk could bring epic rewards!




Buckle up, Aquarius! With the Great Conjunction taking place in your sign, you’ll be launched into new and unknown galaxies. Honestly, you are so ready for it! The power-pairing of big-thinking Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn gives you both the courage and credibility you need to leap. What expansions have you been mulling for the past 1-3 years: starting (or closing down) a business, moving to a new city, going to grad school? These are the kinds of experimental moves you could find yourself making—or at least, beginning to consider—as Jupiter dashes into your sign. And with pragmatic Saturn in the picture, think “scalability.” Your vision could be more than a Jupiter-fueled whimsy, growing into a legit legacy. Saturn can help you attract investors for your big idea, perhaps through an Aquarius-style crowdfunding campaign. Or maybe you’ll just create such a profitable revenue model that your idea self-funds. Bottom line: If you can dream it, you can monetize it!




Ready for a spiritual savasana? Relax and release, but don’t go unconscious! With the Great Conjunction spinning through your dreamy, esoteric twelfth house, you’ll be a walking vision board, pulling genius ideas from the ether—or your dreams! Keep that inspiration notebook on your nightstand to capture the downloads. In your divinely guided twelfth house, Jupiter and Saturn elevate a basic-ish plan to something truly magical. One of your “woo” ideas could click into tangible form, attracting backers and resources to turn it into the next big thing. Jupiter rules higher education, and combined with Saturn’s long-range planning skills, could spur you to get certified for one of your Piscean talents. What are you holding on to that no longer serves you? Where in your life is closure or forgiveness needed? Has a relationship, job or habit run its course? You may discover a layer or three to shed, and this spiritual sabbatical supports your journey. Incredible internal growth will be sparked, but much like dormant seeds germinating underground, this is an astrological “winter,” and it may take time for efforts to bear fruit. Until then, your assignment is to clear away anything that no longer serves you, or to tie up loose ends in preparation for this next decade-plus phase.

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