Weekly Horoscope: November 2 – 8

After some weeks of frustration, Mercury retrograde finally ends! It began on October 14 in Scorpio, and retrograded all the way to the end of Libra. The planet of communication officially stations direct at 12:49 PM on Tuesday, November 3. Of course, that doesn’t mean all delays, miscommunications, and technical malfunctions are finished! The days around Mercury retrograde’s beginning and end are technically the most annoying because the planet makes an apparent stop and appears to stand still. Once the planet moves at its normal speed again, the pace picks up, literally.

Let’s talk about Mercury retrograde: After Mercury retrograde ends, it resumes forward motion and as it changes directions, it retraces all the degree points it retrograded through since mid-October. This means that many of the aspects that it made in the last few weeks will repeat themselves, presenting yet another opportunity to have conversations, make transactions, and generally realize things. From now until November 20, we are repeating ourselves!

Since Mercury is lingering at a specific degree point, last week’s astrology carries over into this week! Mercury clashes once more with Saturn, and we are still dealing with sad news and a pessimistic mental state. People are down in the dumps, so try to be gentle with them, and choose your words wisely. This also has frustrating implications for the US election as Mercury is the planet that rules mail correspondence and Saturn is the planet of government—they are making a challenging aspect!

All times ET.

Since mid-October you’ve been reviewing topics concerning intimacy and finances, and now it’s time to move forward with what you have learned as Mercury retrograde ends in your house of relationships! Before it gets up to speed again (on Sunday or Monday) things will feel like they’re sitting still. This can be very annoying for you, Aries, since you tend to be on the kinetic side. Things are especially motionless and slow as Mercury clashes with Saturn, the planet of authority and longevity. Last week’s difficult, disappointing conversations and transactions still don’t seem to be getting anywhere. There is a high standard to meet, but you will get there in time. Be patient.

You’ve been even busier picking up the slack as Mercury was retrograde in your house of work and routine. In mid-October, the retrograde began in your house of relationships, finding you looking over your commitments to others. Now you’re trying to get your life in order so you can be a more reliable partner! Mercury retrograde might be over, but the pace doesn’t pick up again until Sunday or Monday. It clashes with Saturn, and you are experiencing scheduling difficulties. Sometimes people really just don’t have the time to commit, and sometimes that person is you. Be realistic about what you have the space to take on, so you can do an extremely good job.

Old friends and flames have come back into the picture to remind you where you left off as your planetary ruler Mercury has been retrograde in your house of sex, dating, friendships, and creative ventures. Since mid-October you’ve been dealing with nonsense at work, and last week shifted gears in your social and creative life, making things more exciting. Some tough conversations came up, and they’re not going anywhere. Relationships and social affairs are stuck for a second, so take this moment to really reflect on what your people are saying. Come Sunday you’ll start to gain headway in these affairs, but first you have to deal with some material consequences as Mercury clashes with Saturn.

Memories, nostalgia, and messages from the past have popped back in toward the tail-end of this Mercury retrograde. In mid-October you were remembering your old friends and flings, but last week you went back into your cocoon. Now Mercury retrograde ends, and things at home are coming to a standstill. Expect delays and quiet reflective time until the end of the week. You are reflecting on what you need in your personal life, inspiring you to make demands in your relationships as Mercury clashes with Saturn, the planet of commitments. This is the same conversation that was happening last weekend, and it’s just drawn out. Can your partners live up to your diamond standard?

Conversations and contracts have been delayed as Mercury, the planet of communication, has been retrograde in your house of communication! Double check that you hit send, and don’t be afraid to loop back around in an email thread. Although Mercury retrograde ends this week, things are going to stay slow before they pick up at the end of the week. There will be some scheduling challenges and a need to say no to some things—just because you have prior commitments—as Mercury clashes with Saturn, the planet of responsibilities. You can’t be everyone’s everything and you have to be realistic about there only being 24 hours in a day. Over the next three weeks you’ll be revisiting everything you’ve been working on at home and in your inbox.

Since mid-October things have been slow. Your planetary ruler Mercury has been retrograde, creating delays and reminding you to tie up loose ends. Since last week you’ve been doing repairs and returns. This week, Mercury ends its retrograde! Expect financial transactions to be slow until about Sunday—hold off on major purchases until then, if you can. Alternately you can get a very impressive bargain while Mercury is still on the fritz. Conversations about who you call your clique are coming to a pause, as you think about what you want for your social life, which you take very seriously as Mercury clashes with Saturn. Try to remain optimistic while you deal with social and romantic shortcomings. Don’t forget to laugh.

Since mid-October this Mercury retrograde has found you trying to figure out where all the money goes, and what the best way to support yourself really is. You were cutting corners and trying to understand how you want to spend and make money. Mercury retrograded back into your sign last week, and now finally ends its retrograde! You may be fixated on one idea or find some stillness in your mind, which is nice as long as you’re not focused on negative thoughts. You’re dealing with frustrations at home and trying to make things work even though they’re falling short as Mercury clashes with barren Saturn. Make the most out of what you have! A little effort goes a long way.

Things have quieted down for you since last week, when the planet of communication, Mercury, retrograded into a secretive and secluded sector fo your chart. This gave you more space to think about your mental health and spirituality, whether you like it or not. Since mid-October you’ve been thinking a lot about yourself as Mercury retrograde began in your sign. These immediate conversations will resurface over the next three weeks. Mercury retrograde ends this week and things that are not totally in your field of vision become more pronounced. Slow down, meditate, or journal as Mercury is slow moving until Sunday. You have a hunch, but when do you not?

Since mid-October Mercury retrograde has found you going back and tying up loose ends with your big projects, taking time to review things that you put down to pick up again some day. Since last week you’ve been reconnecting with old accomplices and community members, as Mercury retrograded into your house of social networks. Now that Mercury retrograde is ending, something in the group chat or in your online community, is suspended! Conversations about politics are especially frustrating, so hold off on sharing your hot takes until the end of the day on Sunday. Use this moment to pause and reflect. Have patience. Mercury clashes with Saturn, and you can find issues with funding are slowed down.

Since mid-October you’ve been reconnecting with old peers and people you hold in high esteem, but last week you were tying up loose ends on important projects and ideas on how to achieve total glory. Your projects are put on pause now, as Mercury ends its retrograde and slows down until Sunday, so just think about what you actually want to do with them, Capricorn. It’s not all about accolades and impressing people, it’s about doing something that makes sense for you as an individual. Mercury clashes with your planetary ruler, serious Saturn, and you don’t have the most positive mindset about the direction things are headed. Pat yourself on the back, Eeyore: You do things that no one else has the endurance for.

Since mid-October you’ve been trying to figure out the answer to the classic, age-old question: “What am I doing with my life?” Mercury, the planet of the mind, retrograded through your house of career and legacy, and now lands in a sector of your chart related to your higher beliefs and knowledge. You’re questioning what you thought you knew, and tweaking your general mission statement (as well as your travel itinerary) as cerebral Mercury ends its retrograde. Expect delays through the end of the week. Things that have been holding you up and making you kind of sad since last week, are still in fact holding you up, so have some patience as Mercury clashes with Saturn.

When October began, you were branching out, exploring your options. Then Mercury retrograde happened, and you had to backtrack for a few weeks. This week Mercury retrograde ends in a sensitive sector of your chart, and issues concerning finances and shared resources reach a standstill. You are more tuned into insecurities, material or emotional, and you need to stop while everyone figures out exactly what they need. It’s good to remember that you don’t actually know what other people have—social media can be deceiving. Mercury clashes with Saturn and there is another ask for more resources in your larger community. Progress is slow, but it’s still moving. The pace will pick up again next week, so lay low for now.

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