Weekend reads: Stocks for the Biden presidency

President-elect Joe Biden.

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Now that it is clear that Joe Biden will become president on Jan. 20, investors are thinking ahead — with enthusiasm. The S&P 500 index

was up 5% from the close on Election Day through Nov. 12.

Michael Brush listed 23 stocks and ETFs he expects to benefit from important trends during Biden’s time as president.

What rate of return do I need to keep saving for retirement if I switch to a lower-paid job?

Continuing her retirement planning series, Alessandra Malito  helps a 31-year-old engineer who expects to eventually switch to a job with a lower salary but wants to make sure he will still have enough money for retirement under various economic scenarios.

ESG and your retirement account

Many investors are interested in doing good while making money, focusing on environmental, social and governance criteria. But many 401(k), 403(b) and other employer-sponsored retirement plans don’t include ESG funds. Debbie Carlson explains how to get around that.

The harbor in Boynton Beach.

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A retirement condo down south with all the amenities for $250,000

Silvia Ascarelli helps a New Jersey couple plan their retirement move to Florida. Which community would you select?

For help finding your retirement destination, try the MarketWatch retirement location tool for customized suggestions.

The stocks to buy on the heels of the big coronavirus vaccine news

BioNTech SE

and Pfizer Inc.

had excellent news this week — their COVID-19 vaccine was 90% effective in a Phase 3 trial. Analysts expect similar successes from other major pharmaceutical developers, such as Moderna Inc.

and AstraZeneca PLC
But Michael Brush suggests looking beyond big pharma to a group of “public-space stocks” he believes will pop during an “economic melt-up” as vaccines are deployed.

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The outlook for value stocks

Value stocks have outperformed growth stocks by a wide margin over the past two weeks. Mark Hulbert is skeptical that this will be sustained, writing that he is has “lost track of how many similar pronouncements have been made over the last 15 years, each of which turned out to fail.” But based on history, he expects value stocks to rally during Joe Biden’s first 100 days as president.

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  • These are the 14 value stocks that top-performing investment newsletters like the most

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Should you rethink your Thanksgiving plans?

We are less than two weeks from Thanksgiving, and the U.S. count of new COVID-19 cases continues to hit new records, underscoring concerns that the holiday may be a superspreader event. Here are practical safety guidelines for your gathering from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Beware rising interest rates

The yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds

was 0.90% Friday afternoon. That is, of course, very low. Then again, the yield was much higher, relatively speaking, than a week earlier, when it was 0.77%. When interest rates rise, bond prices decline. Stocks can be forced down as well. William Watts explains the relationship between interest-rate movements and stock-market performance.

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Zoom may follow Netflix’s stellar growth path

Shares of Zoom Video Communications Inc.

are up nearly fourfold this year, as so many business meetings have gone online. Bernstein analyst Zane Chrane makes the case that even from here, Zoom’s revenue, and its stock, can rise exponentially.

Free financial advice is seldom cheap

CD Moriarty explains how dangerous it can be to follow free advice about how to manage your money.

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