Venus in Leo is Bringing You Incredible Chemistry with Basically Everyone

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Photo credit: Getty/Katie Buckleitner

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It’s Virgo season, so you’ve been working your ass off a ton lately. Plus, Venus has been in Cancer for the past several weeks, so you’ve been getting deeeep in your feels when it comes to your relationships. Honestly? It’s been a lot to handle. Virgo season’s vibes are still going strong for another few weeks, but on Sunday, September 6, Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, enters the fixed fire sign Leo, where it stays until October 2. This transit takes away the emo, moody vibes of Venus in Cancer and gives you a more upbeat, fun, and ~dramatic~ mindset. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), the world is yours with Venus’ lovey vibes harmonizing with your own, while the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) might have trouble handling all the extra action this hot transit is sending your way!

Leo is the only sign ruled by the Sun, and as a result, it has distinct solar qualities that make it shine bright like a star! This explains Leo’s natural popularity, too—planets to the Sun, people naturally find themselves falling into Leo’s orbit. You’re taking on these solar vibes now that Venus is in Leo, and you’re bringing them directly to your love life. You want drama, flair, and excitement! You want a dazzling love life. You want to feel like a superstar when you’re with your boo, and you want others to look at your relationship and say “Wow!” because of how great you and bae are together. If you’re single, this is a great time for a fling, and whatever your relationship status, Venus in Leo’s fiery vibes make sex hotter than ever. Leo is the most passionate sign, and it loooves romance, so if you’re looking for something a little more significant than a fling, it’s easy to feel tons of chemistry with your crush/first date!

Venus rules love, and now that it’s in Leo, the most egocentric sign (no shade, Leos, but we all know it’s true), this transit is also great for self-love. These theatrical, over-the-top Leo vibes are encouraging you to do something luxurious for yourself. Have an at-home spa day or treat yourself to an online shopping spree! This once-per-year Venus transit really gives you the best of both worlds—not only are you feeling more capable of receiving affection from others, but you’re also more capable of loving yourself. Simply put, you can expect to feel love in the air from all different directions.

You might run into a few roadblocks in the coming weeks, however. Remember when I said Leo was the most egocentric sign? Well, it’s easy for you to over-embody Venus in Leo’s vibes and start taking a very “me first” attitude towards your relationships. You want the most ~gleaming~ and ~beautiful~ and ~stunning~ relationship ever, but you might forget to stop and ask yourself, “Is my idea of a gorgeous, perfect, wonderful relationship the same as my partner/crush/etc?” This could make you come off as controlling or stubborn, which does you zero favors as far as bettering your love life goes! Similarly, you could might come off as selfish or self-centered to your friends. These obstacles can all be navigated easily if you can just remember to treat others the way you want to be treated!

Now’s the perfect time to perfect your love life. The Leo-esque passion you’re feeling now can help you to start a new, exciting, and extraordinary relationship with someone you’re suuuuuper into, or it can help you reignite the lost spark in an already-existing relationship. Sex is way steamier, romantic experiences make you feel like you’re in a movie, and you can find a much more thrilling love life over the next few weeks if you take advantage of Venus in Leo’s vibe!

Read your Sun/Rising horoscope below:


More than any other sign, you’re feeling tons of love in the air with this Venus transit, Aries! Your chart’s fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun, is being activated by the loveliest planet for the next few weeks, and it’s basically turning you into a total babe magnet. Whether you’re getting your flirt on with someone new, having a fling with the hottest hookup ever, or just spending lots of time with bae, your love life is heating up a ton! Your relationship feels fun again—finally!


Venus may be the planet of relationships, but people often forget that Venus rules beauty, too. Your love life isn’t being lit up too much by Venus rn, but you’re able to do a really great job in regards to beautifying your life, especially at home. Redecorate your space (or at least tidy that sh*t up), fix that leaky faucet, and make your place somewhere you can “come home to.” You’ll find that there’s a ton of inner satisfaction and calmness that comes with feeling not only comfortable, but also like you’re thriving at home. Side note: You can also anticipate your relationship with family members or roommates to dramatically improve, too!


You’re already blessed with a tremendous gift of gab, but you’re finding that making new connections is easier than ever before now that Venus is in Leo. If you’re single, this is clearly a great time to change your relationship status. For all Leos, single or not, this is a period of time where the way you come off to others is more charismatic and likable. You’re funnier, more vibrant, and more exciting to be around, so whether you’re with bae, your bestie, or a new friend, you can expect to have plenty of great conversations and fun connections over the next few weeks!


As Venus floats through Leo, you’re finding that your love life is slowing down just a tad. Venus is the planet of relationships, sure, but it also rules money, and for the next few weeks, Venus is living it up in the zone of your chart that rules wealth and valuables! A surprise gift—money, that highlighter palette you’ve been lusting after for weeks, a cute new outfit—can easily come your way, thanks to Venus’ good vibes. A bonus, raise, or promotion may be come your way at work, too! As exciting as this all sounds, you have to remember to check yourself before you wreck yourself (and your bank account) while you’re living out this ~lavish~ and ~opulent~ lifestyle. Limit your “treat yourself” days, avoid making big impulse purchases, and don’t buy useless crap, and you’ll be just fine!


Let’s keep it simple, Leo—Venus entering your sign promises that your love life will heat up to blazing hot temperatures over the next few weeks. You’re able to embody all things Venusian with ease. You’re looking good, feeling gorgeous, you’re a total babe magnet, like…this is one of the dreamiest, nicest transits ever, period. You risk overindulging yourself, however. This may mean you’re spending way too much time with your boo and ignoring your friends/family/job, or you could be spending way too much cash on cute outfits or a makeover (Venus rules money and beauty as well as love, ICYDK). As long as you can practice a teeny bit of self control right now, Venus in your sign is enabling you to give your sense of confidence, your appearance, and your love life a major glow up!


As lush and extravagant as Venus in Leo can be, your sign is kind of getting the sh*t end of the stick, unfortunately. Venus in Leo is activating your chart’s twelfth house, which governs isolation and the ending of cycles, for the next several weeks. Old relationships—both platonic and romantic—that are past their expiration date are becoming way more problematic now, and you’re being pushed to take out the trash. An ex or two might come back around, either to start drama or try to get back together with you. Instead of stressing, try to view it as an opportunity to find closure and leave the past in the past. This transit isn’t very sexy or fun, but it’s a great time for you to release deadweight friends/partners, opening up space for healthier, happier relationships in the future.


Your sign is the biggest socializer in the zodiac. You naturally draw in new connections with your innately charming, charismatic qualities, so your social life is always in great shape, but guess what? Venus in Leo is giving your social life a tremendous glow-up for the next few weeks, and you’re feeling more popular than ever! As Venus, your ruling planet, is traveling through Leo, the most popular, talented, radiant sign, the influence it has over you makes it so you feel (and come across as) more popular, talented, and radiant! This isn’t a spectacular time for finding new love connections, but you’re making hella new friends, your squad is getting along better than ever, and basically, you’re thriving!


Venus in Leo is turning your attention to your professional relationships, especially the connection you share with your boss! You’re getting along with coworkers much more easily, shining bright on the job, and probs working your way towards a big raise or promotion, but you’re also, well, working a whole lot. Even if you are having a great time connecting with everyone at the office, you’re still at work, ya know. By the end of Venus’ transit through Leo you’re probs going to feel pretty worn out, but listen. Once that extra-fat, juicy paycheck gets direct-deposited into your bank account in a few weeks, you’ll know that all of the work you’re putting in now was totally worth it.


You’re being encouraged to make more adventure in your love life, which, since you’re the most adventurous sign, means that this next few weeks will be a total breeze. Venus in Leo is powering up your innate Sagittarian curiosity and enthusiasm, and its influence on your love life makes you feel more turned on and excited when it comes to trying new things (or people) in bed. For the single Sags out there, your next crush/fling will be someone who’s totally not your usual “type,” but still shares amazing chemistry. If you’re boo’d up, this might be your golden opportunity to try out that one super kinky, titillating thing you’ve been wanting to give a whirl!


Venus in Leo is activating your chart’s zone of intimacy, and Venus’ erotic, sensual side is taking over. Sex is off the chain, but if you’re single, catching major feelings for your next fling is basically guaranteed, because Venus in Leo is a rather emotional transit for your sign. If you happen to be in a weird ~situationship~ and you want to DTR, this is a great time to seal the deal. This transit makes you feel like you’re connecting in a more intimate, meaningful way with your partner, almost like you’re entangled with them. The vibe is intense, NGL, but it’s about more than sexing up someone sexy—it’s also about learning the importance of commitment and understanding just how much your closest loved ones matter.


The next month-ish is a splendid time for all of your one-on-one relationships, Aquarius. You’re being encouraged to grow the “b” relationships in your life—your boo, your bestie, your business partners, and even people you’re beefing with. It’s a great time to talk to your boo about marriage/moving in together or turn your situationship into a LTR. If you’re just interested in a fling, finding a hottie to trade sexts with is easier than ever. You can also expect to spend way more time with your BFF (or turn an acquaintance into your next bestie) and find success when it comes to any kind of business negotiations. If someone you’ve been butting heads with shows up, you can squash the beef and move on from the drama!


A big theme for your sign this transit is learning to show yourself more love. You gotta take care of you, Pisces, and lately, you’ve been slacking. Venus in Leo can help you reorganize your life and make sure you’re eating right, staying active, keeping your place tidy, and taking care of your physical and mental health. Luxurious Leo loves to be pampered, so pamper yourself! Something as small as an at-home spa day or a new healthy habit (like walking for 30 minutes every day) can make a huuuuuge difference in how you feel on a day-to-day level. Start making healthier lifestyle choices now, and you can develop into the best version of “you” possible!

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