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State must rethink vax plan

I have read with great interest the opinion piece in The Jersey Journal (“Vaccine rollout a massive failure for seniors”; Jan. 29) and agree with everything written in the article. It was spot on, as were the letters by senior citizens relating the problems in securing an appointment for the vaccine, as I speak from experience. 

At the beginning, it was understood the seniors would follow the essential workers. 

I knew we were in trouble when it was announced that all smokers are now eligible, even without any proof of their self-imposed habit. That essentially put hundreds of thousands of 20- 30- and 40-year-olds competing with senior citizens. 

Also, one letter mentioned that the oldest senior age group should go first, followed by each younger group in succession. This is not rocket science. 

A group of New Jersey citizens could have come up with a fair and workable plan. Now, it is a free for all. Very sad. Can’t the U.S. do anything right? 

Geraldine McNulty, Newark

Natural restoration at stake

As the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection works to remediate and restore the 234 acres of Liberty State Park interior, they are also moving forward on a recreation plan. The interior of LSP contains sensitive ecosystems and wetlands that can be restored. However, there is a push to put 50 acres of active restoration in this area, or 20% of the interior, which we believe is wrong. It will undermine and destroy the whole point of restoring this part of LSP.

We believe this push is part of Paul Fireman’s plan to get his millionaires’ golf course. Fireman is trying to push for this active recreation in exchange for a deal where he gets to build his golf course at Caven Point.

We support active recreation for LSP; however, it must be built in appropriate places outside of the interior or along its edge. Things like baseball, soccer fields, bathrooms and more should be closer to the parking lots and streets and near existing facilities. It’s critical that the interior recreation plan include restoration of natural systems and passive recreation like hiking and bird watching.

It’s critical that DEP work with all stakeholders and the community in a balanced recreation plan for LSP. We must require public hearings and ample scrutiny of these proposals to ensure they uphold the Public Trust Doctrine and are good for the public.

For almost 40 years the New Jersey Sierra Club has had a long history in protecting Liberty State Park from privatization. We will keep on fighting to make sure that LSP is an open space for the public benefit.

Jeff Tittel, Director, New Jersey Sierra Club

Bizarro world of local politics

Two very unusual things happened last month that leave me to question what people are thinking in Jersey City.

For the first time in years, Councilman Lavarro voted against something that Councilman Solomon supported. Rolando Lavarro voted against the contract to supply services for the COVID vaccine. What could he possibly be thinking? The biggest health crisis in the last 100 years and he is opposed to vaccinating the residents of Jersey City. Then he volunteers to give residents the vaccinations himself without any health training or licensing. What could he possibly be thinking?

Now I read two people from Ward C are opposed to the Democratic Party supporting Councilman Boggiano’s re-election because of something he said. The Democratic Party cannot legally support him. It is a bipartisan election. How did they get elected and not even know the rules?

If he only has two people against him from the 18,000 registered voters in Ward C, it is my opinion that he is in good shape to be re-elected. By opposing his right of free speech, it goes against all progressives in the United States.

Free speech should be applauded not attacked. Now, what if Councilman Boggiano’s supporters come out against these two because of what they said?

Jerry McCann, Former mayor, Jersey City

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