Tucker Carlson Says Trump Phone Call A ‘Diversion’ From Georgia Senate Elections

Tucker Carlson has suggested that the liberal media is using the recorded Donald Trump calls as a diversion tactic to distract from the Georgia U.S. Senate elections today.

“But no matter what you conclude about vote counting in Georgia, we’re willing to bet that you won’t decide Donald Trump’s latest phone call is the single most important thing happening in the world right now. Probably not even close,” the Fox News anchor said in his Monday night monologue.

“And yet CNN is claiming that it is. Why are they doing that? That’s a good question and worth pondering. Maybe they’re trying to divert your attention again, but divert it from what? Well, here’s one guess: Tomorrow, as we told you, there are two U.S. Senate elections in Georgia, and the outcome of those races will determine who controls the entire U.S. government.”