Trump Turns to Randy Quaid for Help Overthrowing Democracy

Randy Quaid has traveled a long, strange road since his beloved supporting turns in films like Christmas Vacation, Independence Day, and Kingpin. Somewhere along the line between then and now, it’s hard to tell exactly where, something, well … changed. In 2010, he and his wife fled to Canada to escape what they described in a handwritten note to their attorney as “Hollywood star whackers” who were out to kill them (they was also escaping felony vandalism charges). A years-long asylum struggle ensued, and in 2015 the Quaids were arrested trying to sneak back into the U.S. through Vermont. They’ve since posted several bizarre rants online indulging outlandish conspiracy theories about how they’ve been persecuted by Hollywood and the news media.

Now, Quaid has some thoughts on how to sort out this whole election mess. President Trump thinks Republicans better listen up.

We’re not prepared to call this the nadir of Trump’s efforts to overturn the election — there’s still time to retweet O.J. — but it very well could be. In the president’s defense, he might not be aware of Quaid’s late-period transformation into a conspiracy-theorizing, border-hopping scofflaw. There’s plenty to indicate that Trump’s brain stopped absorbing new information sometime between 1985 and 1995, when Quaid was still regarded as a relatively sane comic supporting piece. In fact, Trump may not have even realized he was retweeting Quaid. He may have just thought he stumbled across another clear-eyed patriot on the timeline who needed some promoting.

Regardless, here’s another message Trump felt the American people needed to hear:

As the pandemic continues to ravage the nation, as millions continue to struggle without the financial help they need, and as America continues to teeter on the precipice of full-blown autocracy, this is where the president believes Republican lawmakers should direct their attention.

This all brings to mind a quote from Quaid’s character of “Cousin Eddie” in the 1989 holiday classic Christmas Vacation, one which seems especially apt during these pained final months of Trump’s presidency: “Shitter’s full.”


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