Time to Break Down Tayshia Adams’ ‘Bachelorette’ Salary and Net Worth

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This season of The Bachelorette is slightly, um, different due to Clare Crawley running off into the pandemic sunset and being replaced by fan-fave Tayshia Adams. Which, yeah, is super freakin’ exciting but also begs the question…did ABC pay both Tayshia and Clare for the season or did they have to split the salary 50/50? ABC hasn’t bothered to tell us for some reason (rude), but one thing’s for sure: Both Bachelorettes are doing just fine regardless. Head this way for a deep dive into Clare’s $$$$ and keep reading for Tayshia’s impressive net worth.

Bachelor in Paradise

While Tayshia didnt earn any money for The Bachelor (reminder: contestants don’t get paid), she did earn money for Bachelor in Paradise. According to Reality Steve, salaries for BiP contestants can vary—some get paid “per day they are there” and some get paid “per episode they’re on,” while others get paid “a flat rate.” TBD on Tayshia’s exact paycheck, but chances are she earned somewhere between $7,000 and $15,000 total. Not bad for a summer vacation!

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

The Bachelorette

While there’s a lot of info out there about how much the Bachelorette gets paid, here’s the thing. We don’t know whether:

  1. Tayshia had to split her salary with Clare.

  2. Tayshia and Clare both got full salaries—potentially at even higher rates than usual due to risking it all during the pandemic.

Either way, author Amy Kaufman said in her 2018 book Bachelor Nation that it’s “incredibly rare for someone to make less than six figures,” and Emily Maynard reportedly made $250,000. I mean….this is purely speculative, but my gut feeling* tells me both Clare and Tayshia got full salaries and that said salaries were sky high due to the riskiness of filming.

*Historically, my gut feelings are useless, so.

Instagram Sponsored Content

Like so many Bachelor Nation alums before her, Tayshia is cashing in on her fame with a ton of #sponcon on Insta. It’s unclear exactly how much she’s making, but influencers typically earn several thousand dollars per post. Plus, Tayshia’s working with major brands who presumably aren’t cheap, including Smirnoff:

Secret deodorant:

And most recently, Juvederm:

Psst: She Also Has a Non-TV Job

Before Tayshia showed up on The Bachelor, she was a practicing phlebotomist—meaning she drew people’s blood for a living. According to the internet, phlebotomists make around $40k a year, but Tayshia actually changed fields post-fame and became an interior designer, which can be pretty lucrative!

So, What’s Her Total Net Worth?

Truly no one knows but Tayshia. However! Several, uh, slightly iffy sites online speculate that her net worth falls somewhere between $1 to $5 million—which could certainly be true between that Bachelorette paycheck and those lucrative sponcon deals. Either way, I! Am! Impressed!

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