TikToker’s attempt to share ‘helpful’ travel hacks draws controversy

A popular TikToker and entrepreneur’s effort to share several handy travel hacks has drawn backlash from fellow users for how he appeared on camera.

On Nov. 10, Yan Stavisski, the founder of financial education company King Credit, posted a clip in which he shared four tips on how to secure cheap flights.

The suggestions include booking flights on Monday and Tuesday, buying tickets online while using incognito mode, knowing when to book domestic and international flights, and using a VPN from another country when booking flights.


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Though the advice was intended to help TikTok users, viewers were more concerned with how Stavisski presented himself on camera. At the start of the clip, he is seen sitting in first class and wearing his mask right below his nose.

“Ugh. Fix the GD mask. — a doctor who is tired of covid,” one person wrote.

“As a flight attendant of 20+ years.. put your mask on properly,” another added.

“Mmmm… not taking life advice from someone who can’t wear a mask properly,” a third posted.

Others were quick to defend Stavisski.

“Thanks for the helpful info! & for everyone else technically you’re not within 6 ft to anyone so according to science you can have your mask off,” one commented.

“What’s the difference between pulling your mask down for a pic/video for a few seconds and pulling it down to take a sip of water or eat?” a second asked. “YALL PETTY.”

Experts have advised the public to ensure that any face mask properly covers the nose, mouth and chin. When taking off the mask, they are encouraged to store it in a clean, plastic bag and later wash it (especially if it’s a fabric mask).

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