These Mom and Baby Halloween Costume Ideas Are So Freaking Cute

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Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, you and your kid can have the most adorable costume when you coordinate! And since babies don’t exactly get a say in their Halloween ensembles, this is maybe the only time you can dress ’em how you want to. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (Just being honest.) There are so many dynamic duos and best friends to get inspiration from—Cookie Monster and Elmo! The Incredibles! Mario and Toad!—that coming up with a costume for this Halloween shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, but with a new baby or a kid running around, you might need a little extra help. That’s where we come in!

Here, 38 absolutely adorable mom and baby costume ideas you can (and should) throw together before the spookiest day of the year. And if you’re able to convince your other kids or your S.O. to get in on the action, make it a three-person costume or a group costume theme instead. Now, get scrolling and don’t forget to snap a cute photo for the baby book!


There’s something so adorable about matching outfits for mom and baby, and Halloween costumes are no different. If the baby wings here weren’t cute enough, peep the tiny butterfly clip in her hair. Ah!


If people are always telling you that your baby takes after you, lean into that idea and dress them up as your mini-me. Match your outfit, your hairstyle, and your accessories, and you’ll really start to hear how much your little one looks like you.


If you want to impersonate your favorite celebrity or performer, the only way to make your costume even more of a hit is to dress your baby up in a coordinating costume. Trust, the fans will love it.

A Garden

If your houseplants are like children to you, too, dress the whole fam up as all your favorite plants and flowers.


Your kid already thinks of you as a superhero, so go ahead and get in costume. They love wearing masks and capes, so this is one costume all of them would want to take part in.


Your kid doesn’t have to know what Topo Gigio is (I mean, you don’t even need to know what it is) to dress up in these super-cute and comfy mouse costumes for Halloween.


If you really want to bring your kid’s favorite characters to life, go as the life-size Legos. You’ll love that this costume version is made from big foam blocks instead of tiny hard pieces of plastic (ya know, the things that makes you scream profanities when you step on them).

The Greatest Showman

This is another great costume idea for moms and babies or for the whole fam. If your crew can’t all agree on the same costume, this movie has plenty of different characters to choose from so everyone is happy and no tantrums are thrown.

Pink Ladies

If you and your tiny tot are independent women who don’t need a Danny Zuko, then this pink ladies costume—complete with poodle skirts and scarves—is for you both.

Barbie Dolls

If your little one loves Barbies as much as I did when I was a kid, then they definitely want to dress up as one for Halloween (or every day of their life). And they’d be super excited for you to play dress up with them.

The Flintstones

If you want a classic costume that’ll be instantly recognizable, meet the Flintstones! Between Wilma, Fred, Barney, and Betty you’ve got tons of options for an A+ mom and baby costume—but a Bamm-Bamm costume for the baby would be pretty cute, just sayin’.

Miss Frizzle and Liz

Get a purple button-up dress and glue cutouts of the planets on it and then dress up your little one in a way-cute lizard onesie. The two of you will look like you’re ready to take off on the Magic School Bus!

A Farmer and Cow

All you need is a straw hat, flannel, and cow-print onesie for this adorable farm costume. Awww!

A Pirate and Parrot

Throw on a pirate’s coat, hat, and over-the-knee boots, dress your baby as your trusty parrot, and you’re on your way to track down some treasure.

Tina and Louise Belcher

You can probs dress as Tina using clothes you already have (a light-blue shirt, a navy skirt, knee socks, and black shoes), and all your baby needs is a green dress and pink ears. Bob’s Burgers has never been so cute.

Rosie the Riveter(s)

Not one but TWO Rosies!!! Grab your best chambray shirt, red bandanna, and winged liner (just for mom, obvi) for this sweet costume.

Sushi and a Sushi Chef

Roll up your little one in rice, and voilà!!! Only half kidding.

Princess Leia and an Ewok

Babies are practically made to be dressed up as lil Ewoks—they’re basically the same size. Put your hair in epic space buns (pun intended) and you’ll be instantly recognizable.

Fluffy Cotton Candy

Wrap up your bb in some fluffed-up cotton with a cone on top, and they’re transformed into a classic carnival confection.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Your house will be The Happiest Place on Earth when you walk out in these coordinating costumes. It’s as simple as getting those iconic mouse ears.

A Parisian With a Croissant

Umm, can I be rolled up in a croissant like that, please? It looks absolutely cozy. You can use soft felt and a hot glue gun to make the pastry part and then wear a striped shirt and beret for the French part.

Princess Bubblegum and BMO

If you or your kid is a fan of Adventure Time—or you just want a super-cute and creative costume—go with this cartoon duo.

A Dumpling With Some Sauce

Why pick one sauce when you can have both? Get creative with your T-shirts to make the logos and then get a plush dumpling for your little one to wear or hold.

Jurassic Park

Awww! Probs the cutest, least dangerous dinosaur out there. A dino onesie will get the point across and all you need are khaki shorts, a pink button-down, and hiking boots.

The Incredibles

That’s one *incredible* mother and daughter costume. I’ll…see myself out.

Cookie Monster and Elmo

Your kid will love being the Cookie Monster because, well, there are COOKIES involved. You can easily find these costumes at any Halloween store or buy ’em online, below.

The Scarecrow and Lion From Wizard of Oz

A plaid shirt, overalls, a lion onesie, and creative face paint are all you need for this adorable costume. Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

Cat in the Hat and Thing 2

Down to the blue fluffy hair, bow tie, and top hat, this costume is Spot. ON.

Mario and Toad

In this case, two is definitely a (Mario) party. And now I totally want a mushroom hat.

Harry and Hermione

Get a robe, Gryffindor-colored ties, huge glasses, and a wand, and this is a straight-up maaagical costume.


You can go low-key with this one and wear a neutral cardigan. As long as you both have bunny ears and a carrot, it gets the idea across.


Who you gonna call! Your son! (Get it, because he’s a Ghostbuster?)

A Farmer and a Chicken

A chicken WISHES it could be that adorable. There’s pretty much a baby onesie out there for every animal and you can pair what you might already have in your wardrobe—e.g., a plaid shirt and denim.

An Astronaut and Space

Go crazy with the glitter makeup and match it to your shirt, then get a lil astronaut outfit for your baby. Even better when they’re carried like that, you know, for effect.


Just about 99 shy of 101 dalmatians, but you get the point. Break out a paintbrush and add all the spots to your plain white outfits, then apply black makeup to your noses.

Wonder Woman

Don’t mess with this baby girl OR her mom. Seriously, don’t.

Pumpkin Twins

There is still no costume quite as festive as a classic pumpkin one. Wear a bunch of orange and black clothing to be extra spooky.

Donald Duck

Just look at that magnificent duck hat. I can’t take the cuteness! You can also DIY the red ribbons and yellow stripes on a blue shirt and add a headband to finish it off.

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