The US Current Travel Situation After Coronavirus

The USA is one of the states that was highly hit by Covid-19 with its president by then, Donald Trump, and first lady Melania Trump has tested positive and later recovered from Covid-19. This already tells you how much of a pandemic it was!

The state of Coronavirus in the US

Regardless of the plans, you have in mind before visiting any country, it is important to know the state of coronavirus in that particular country.

Knowing the state will dictate whether it’s a good idea to go on vacation or travel in that country and if you choose to, how cautious you should be when making interactions with the residents.

In this case, the USA has shown an increase in the number of reported cases as the Christmas holiday approaches. This can be attributed to the fact that most urban residents are moving to the countryside to reunite with their respective families.

Despite how escalating the infection graph might be, it is up to you as an individual to take the necessary steps to prevent you and your loved ones from contracting the virus.

Can I travel to the USA?

It is reasonable to have doubts as to whether you can travel to the USA because some countries still have their international borders closed like Spain for instance.

The short answer is, yes, you can travel to the USA. With the Coronavirus situation, however, there are some set regulations that you need to follow first.

Traveling rules

Like most countries that have reopened their borders, some guidelines have been put in place for both the airlines and the individual traveler to the US.

One of the guidelinesthat have been set up as traveling restrictions is on the production of a Covid-19 negative test before moving into the country.

Another one that is quite obvious as everyone has, at some point, used the word quarantine. Most countries require anyone getting into the country to self-isolate for a while usually 2 weeks, from there you will be given a pass by a health officer.

This global health situation has brought about a lot of uneasiness and anxiety about the state of one’s health. A question like, even if I abide by all preventive measures, does it assure me that I will not contract the virus? How safe is being safe? What if I contract the virus?

Also, the Coronavirus has meddled with international flights and flight cancellation has increased in the recent past.

With this, you may want to consider alternative means to curb such uncertainties. Getting travel insurance or having your vacation planned by a travel agency, for instance, is a good way to cover any risks that might arise during your vacation.

Things like trip cancellation, administrative issues (passports, visas, and any other clearance form that you may need), all these and others are among the services offered by travel agencies companies.

Some risks that might arise will include health-related matters, issues with non-refundable tickets, damage on rental cars, or cancel hotel reservations. A travel insurance company can easily seek these issues out without you having to break the bank.

Treatment of Coronavirus for non-residents or foreigners tends to be a bit costly because of lack of insurance. This will call for the need to buy a good travel insurance policy.

The good thing is that you can easily get a company that offers temporary travel insurance or if you are a frequent traveler then a long-term commitment to a certain policy will greatly come in handy.

To help you make a good decision on what insurance cover you should take, it is good to look at some travel Insurance companies’ reviews from the review website, ReviewsBird.

Bottom line:

Despite the state of Coronavirus in the US, international travel is still operational.

The escalating graph should not hinder you and your family from enjoying your travel to the US, just be cautious with how you interact with people.

There are many destinations to visit and good things to try out. For instance, the US national treasures, if your visit is during winter you can choose to do ice skating, skiing, and other fun activities.

Statistics show that the USA has some of the best beaches in the world. From swimming with sharks in Florida to surfing in California and Hawaii. In the same regard, in case you may want to grab yourself a good swimwear or gear you may have a look at  Floralkini

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