The American Horror Story season fans say is scariest

In a Reddit thread discussing the scariest American Horror Story seasons, one user kicked off the Roanoke discussion by saying, “I know the style is different from what we’re used to (documentary turned reality tv) but I liked it overall. I just saw it for the first time last week and since and seen Apocalypse (watched live) and now Asylum (already seen). I feel like it’s kinda ‘cool’ for fans to hate Roanoke when really it should be ‘cool’ to hate some of the other seasons. I could not even finish Hotel or 1984 and Apocalypse was trying to [sic] hard to be every season wrapped into one. Anyone else agree?”

Another user chimed in, writing, “By far the most ‘horror’ season of American horror story. Genuinely scary and a unique take on the paranormal genre.”

Fans also pointed out that they believe show creator Ryan Murphy tends to make the show feel too campy, and he also dilutes the scare factor by having once-scary events make sense — like when he offered up a pat backstory for Twisty the Clown. Not everyone agrees that Roanoke is the best season, but many can agree that it has moments that actually scare them. “Roanoke was the only AHS season that had moments that genuinely made me scared,” another user said.

Roanoke is overflowing with gruesome deaths and nightmare-inducing scenes. The gory nature of the season, along with the way it’s shot, makes it one of the scariest American Horror Seasons yet.

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