U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said “the rule should be that kids go back to school this fall,” despite rising cases around the country. New York reported 677 new cases, in line with daily rises in the last week, and five deaths. South Africa may reintroduce tighter regulations on the […]

Photo credit: TomasSereda/istockphoto New York State of Mind Face it: Despite the gripes from the rest of the country, Americans love New York like an ultra cool and glamorous older sibling. It is the most visited tourist destination in the United States, bringing in around 67 million tourists last year. […]

You probably didn’t realize how many words begin with the prefix “pan-” until we found ourselves living through a pan … demic. On social media, we are in a “panorama,” a “pandemonium,” a “pandemi moore,” a “panini.” Over the past year, a new lexicon has emerged online: “quarantinis” to describe […]

After the attacks of Jan. 6, commentators on the far right papered over the violence at the Capitol by saying that it had been a ploy, cooked up by left-wing activists and anarchists in antifa (itself an ideology, by the way, more than a real organization). And the lies have […]

The Eastvale warehouse complaint took the company to task for not doing enough to enforce social-distancing measures or protect employees from the virus, noting that many workers were allowed only one antimicrobial cleaning wipe per shift and had to “sanitize equipment themselves that was touched by other workers on previous […]

New York Men’s Day New York Men’s Day continued its mission to highlight the future of menswear. Several designers stood out in particular, namely Chelsea Grays, STAN, and Timo Weiland. Chelsea Grays’ collection was an homage to 2020 with references to police brutality, protesting, coronavirus, and voting. There was a […]

Covid divorces are on the slow track. Divorce has often been time-consuming and expensive — one survey in the United States found the average cost was $12,900 — but now once-routine parts of the proceedings, like getting a document notarized, can require heroic effort. Moving out is also fraught, especially […]

It was a year unlike any other, as the coronavirus brought most of the world to a standstill in 2020. While the wedding industry suffered immensely, life went on, and people still fell in love, proposed and got married no matter. There was no shortage of creativity when it came […]

Here’s what you need to know: The agreement gives the United States a total of 200 million doses, enough to vaccinate 100 million people.Credit…Whitney Curtis for The New York Times The Trump administration and Pfizer reached a deal to bolster the supply of the coronavirus vaccine made by Pfizer and […]

Here’s how you can stand up for community composting and make your voice heard at Friday’s New York City Council hearing. Sabrina Deshong adds food scraps to a compost collection point operated by GrowNYC. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything has moved online—even New York City Council hearings! For many […]